Let’s Balance Blood Sugar!

Do you know blood sugar can be balanced with an herb that many people use daily?  It’s the herb cinnamon!  Most people enjoy the taste of cinnamon, so it’s easy to use it to lower blood sugar.  You can take cinnamon before eating that sugary dessert, and not suffer as much from the side effects!  Research shows that cinnamon improves those with type 2 diabetes by helping them respond to insulin, which helps normalize blood sugar levels.  It stimulates insulin receptors, thus improving the cell’s ability to use glucose.  It also lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.  One study was conducted using apple pie.  The scientists expected the pie to have an adverse affect on sugar levels, but found the blood glucose  levels to be actually lower!  Why?  Because the pie contained cinnamon!  Another study was conducted with 60 patients that had type 2 adult diabetes for several years and were taking anti-diabetic drugs.  They were given cinnamon for 40 days.  They found that the cinnamon reduced blood sugar levels and increased the natural production of insulin.  It also lowered their blood cholesterol.  Cinnamon also helps boost brain function by boosting brain activity.
You want to buy quality cinnamon – not the seasoning at the store for 50 cents. :)  Fresh, good quality cinnamon is the best way to go if you want to help your sugar levels.
 How much to take?
It’s recommended to take 1/2 tsp. – 2 tsp. a day.  Start out with the smallest amount and increase if needed.
Ideas for taking cinnamon:
1.  Buy it in loose form to use in foods or sprinkle on oatmeal, cereal, applesauce, toast, etc.  A yummy toast is to put butter, honey and cinnamon on whole wheat bread!  Click here for cinnamon in bulk.
2.  Buy it in cinnamon sticks to stir hot chocolate (YUM) or tea.  The hot beverage will pull the properties out of the cinnamon stick for your benefit.  Kids can also chew on cinnamon sticks or use them for straws to get healthy benefits including manganese, iron, calcium and dietary fiber.  Click here for cinnamon sticks.
3.  Buy a tea mixture like Dr. Cinnamon Tea (I love this tea!) that contains not only cinnamon, but also orange peel, red raspberry leaf, ginkgo and green tea for extra health benefits.  The herbs in this tea will help blood sugar levels, and also varicose veins, inflammation, fight cancer, plus many other benefits!  Drink 2-3 glasses a day.  Click here for Dr. Cinnamon Tea.
4.  Take in capsule form.  You can buy the cinnamon in the loose form and put them in your own capsules to save money.  Click here for capsules to fill with cinnamon yourself.  Or click below to buy it in capsules:
Nature’s Bounty Cinnamon, 1000mg Per Serving, Capsules 100 ea

I prefer to buy my cinnamon in the loose, bulk form or the tea mixture.  It saves money, and I prefer to use cinnamon throughout the day to keep blood sugar levels stable, rather than taking a pill or two at once, but if you prefer to take the capsules because of the convenience, or you don’t like the taste of cinnamon, that’s fine!
I personally have hypoglycemia, and greatly enjoy the benefits of cinnamon!  Cinnamon is good for those who are pre-diabetic too.  It will reduce your chances of becoming a diabetic.
So, whether you have blood sugar problems or would like to prevent them, start making cinnamon a part of your daily diet, and live a better quality of life!

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    Here is what one of my readers had to say about using cinnamon for blood sugar:

    “Thanks for posting the blog :) I did find some loose organic cinnamon at the Amish store :) It has helped SO MUCH!!! I was so amazed that it helped that much”

    Thank you for the feedback, my friend:), and so glad it helped!

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