My Health Story Part 4: My Recommendation For You!


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Perhaps you read my health story and you or someone you know suffer from unexplained symptoms.  

Are you tired all the time?  

Do you not wake up feeling refreshed?  

Are you dizzy at times with no explanation?  

Short of breath?  

These things plague many people, and the solution could be simply replenishing yourself with nutrients you are depleted of.  (Also be sure that you’re eating healthy foods and not trying to live off fast-food and sugar!)  

It’s always wise to be tested at a doctor to make certain there is nothing serious wrong like a disease or cancer.  If the tests come back that you are “healthy” (which I hope they do!!!), you can bet that you’re probably very depleted of something!  I don’t recommend running to Wal-Mart and grabbing a “Once A Day” (or whatever they’re called) :) – you need a good vitamin made from food sources.  

Any easy, excellent way to get vitamins and minerals is from herbs.  This saves a lot of money also to purchase herbal mixes and make teas, tinctures, or add them to smoothies.  I really recommend mixes like Erin’s Super Green Drink Mix, IM Life Tincture, Daily Herba Smoothie Mixes, and Very Berry Tincture.  You can read about those HERE.

Many times, though, when you have the kind of symptoms listed above, there is one or more specific vitamins and minerals that your body needs, and you need to purchase those certain ones and take them in a higher dose to give your body what it needs.  Some people may have taken good vitamins, but not felt better.  When that happens, they probably need certain ones in those higher doses in addition to a daily vitamin mixture.

Applied Kinesiology is the technique that Dr. Sunshine used on me to determine what nutrients I needed to balance myself out.  It definitely worked for me, and I felt such a difference after I replenished myself with what I was lacking.  I was back to my more normal self after a few months and I’d been suffering for years!  I am so thankful that God led me to this doctor!

The technique is described below from his website:

Applied Kinesiology 
A diagnostic tool that utilizes the neuromuscular system through manual muscle testing to access the patient’s underlying problem and to assist us in accurately formulating an appropriate treatment plan. This technique is used in conjunction with other exams to evaluate the patients overall condition.
The key to what is described above are the words “underlying problem”.  We don’t want medication that only covers up symptoms.  It makes more sense to find the true cause of our symptoms and take care of the problem, otherwise the problem will always be there and will always bother you, and will only get worse.

Safe, Non Toxic Bug Spray

Bug Me Not

Beeyoutiful is having a special price on their Bug Me Not bug spray!  This is perfect timing as all the annoying pests come out for warmer weather to give us endless bites!  This product uses all-natural ingredients to repel the insects, instead of carcinogenic poisons.  Click here to get a bottle while it’s on sale!

Here’s what their website says about the product:  “Declare your freedom from whining mosquitoes, annoying gnats, and the bug bites that follow most warm weather outdoor fun! Beeoyoutiful’s all-natural spray-on repellent uses essential oils to deter little pests. Citronella (popular ingredient in mosquito-repellent candles), lemongrass, rosemary, and thyme offer you a delightful aroma, but they’re repugnant to mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other creepy crawlies.

Most bug sprays contain poisons that aren’t much better for you than for the insects they repel—especially when used repeatedly. The largest organ in your body—your skin—drinks in the carcinogenic poisons in traditional insect repellent, delivers them to capillaries which then take them straight to your liver. A busy member of the digestive tract, the liver is also a filter that has to sidetrack routine digestion duties when toxins enter your system. It has to filter them out so you don’t get poisoned! If this happens too often, your liver can get clogged and eventually fail.

Bug Me Not is all natural and totally safe for repeated use—even on children. Its active, essential oil ingredients are completely non-toxic to human users while nasty to bugs.

The 4 fluid ounce pump sprayer makes Bug Me Not easy to apply to both skin and clothing. A light spritz all over does the trick, so a bottle will last you and your family for many bug-free outings

How To Painlessly Remove A Tick

It’s springtime! :) 

One thing I do not like about the warmer weather is bugs!  And though we have chickens scratching the ground on a regular basis cutting down on the bug and tick population, my girls still end up with a tick or two somewhere on their body.  

One of my daughters had a very small tick recently on the edge of her eyelid – how weird is that?  I was still able to easily remove the small tick pain-free with an easy trick.  It’s very important to fully remove the tick, making sure that the head comes completely out – we don’t want our children at risk of an infection or disease!  

Have you ever pulled half the body off, and still have to work on getting the head out?  It’s happened to me several times!  Those things can really hold on til death – and even after!  A great way to remove a tick without a child even knowing it is with tea tree oil!  This oil is very versatile and we use it often.

Simply place about 3 drops of the oil on a cotton ball and hold it on the tick for a minute.  Then immediately pull the tick off with tweezers.  The tick comes off very easily, often without the child knowing, and many times the tick has almost completely let go from “suffocation”, no matter how far in it has dug its head.  

You can also tape the cotton ball with tea tree oil over the tick.  Leave this on for about 30 minutes or so and the tick should have completely let go with no need to use tweezers!

I also like to use the oil because of its ability to fight any infection that may occur from the bite.  

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