How To Make Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer That is Actually Safe for Your Kids

hand-sanitizer Making my own hand sanitizer has been on my list of to-dos for a looong time! I am so happy to say that I’ve finally made some! Yay! I’m going to show you how very simple it is to make homemade moisturizing hand sanitizer. With the approaching winter months and cold/flu season, killing germs is on most of our minds. I am one of those that cleans the shopping cart handle and carries a (natural) hand sanitizer in my purse. But it’s important to use natural hand sanitizer and I’ll explain why.

Why Traditional Hand Sanitizers Are Not OK

I recently looked up the ingredients of the Purell brand hand sanitizer because it is a popular one. While the chemicals in this hand sanitizers are not listed in the high zone for causing cancer, the ingredients are still not natural or, in my opinion, completely safe. In this post,  I’m going to focus on just 2 aspects of traditional hand sanitizer ingredients that concern me the most.


Have you heard about the kids getting drunk from ingesting a few squirts of hand sanitizer? This is due to the alcohol content. The high alcohol content makes store-bought hand sanitizers not safe to me. Even if a child doesn’t eat the sanitizer, the alcohol is getting into the bloodstream via the skin. Hand sanitizers contain about 63-70% of pure alcohol. Yikes! That is not something I want to continuously put on my children’s skin.

Bad for the Immune System

Hand sanitizer strips the hands of both good and bad bacteria. This is not a good thing since the body uses germs to build strength and help the immune system fight illness. So in other words, the hand sanitizer that is supposed to help you NOT get sick can actually contribute to you GETTING sick. This is one reason that it’s so good to let your children play in the dirt, run around outside barefoot, and play with animals. Kids that stay indoors too much are often sickly looking and acting. I am all about keeping the hands washed and cleaning dirty handles that may have germs, but let’s do it in a safe way! How to Make Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer that is Actually Safe for Your Kids | Jill's Home Remedies | Learn how to make this simple safe hand santizer! How To Make Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer That is Actually Safe for Your Kids

Making hand sanitizer is very simple. All it requires is some essential oils mixed with witch hazel, and you have yourself a safe sanitizer just in time for the winter months!

Homemade Essential Oil Hand Sanitizer

1 cup 100% pure aloe vera gel or 1/2 cup witch hazel and 1/2 cup aloe vera
1 capsule vitamin e oil
3 drops rosemary oil
4 drops eucalyptus or tea tree oil
5 drops cinnamon oil
10 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops clove oil

I buy essential oils here.


  • Puncture vitamin e capsule and squeeze into a jar.
  • Combine all the other ingredients in the jar and shake well.
  • Transfer to spray or squeeze bottle.
  • Shake well before each use.  

Homemade Hand Sanitizer
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  1. 1 cup 100% pure aloe vera gel or 1/2 cup witch hazel and 1/2 cup aloe vera
  2. 1 capsule vitamin e oil
  3. 3 drops rosemary oil
  4. 4 drops eucalyptus or tea tree oil
  5. 5 drops cinnamon oil
  1. Puncture vitamin E capsule and squeeze into a jar.
  2. Add all the other ingredients to the jar and shake well.
  3. Transfer mixture to spray or squeeze bottle.
  4. Shake before each use.
Adapted from The Natural Beauty Book
Jill's Home Remedies
And there you have it! Simple and safe hand sanitizer that will kill the germs but keep your immune system intact too!

Have you ever made hand sanitizer? Are you concerned about the safety of traditional sanitizer?


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My Review of Essential Oil Pain Relief Blend


According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. This number is huge but it does not even reflect those that suffer from mild to severe occasional pain. That’s a lot of pain sufferers, isn’t it?! Pain is a big part of so many people’s lives. Whether you suffer from occasional pain or pain on a regular basis, I’m going to share an essential oil pain relief blend that I’ve been using that may be just the answer you need to natural pain relief!


My Review of Essential Oil Pain Relief Blend

All Natural

I’m sure most of us have a family member, friend or some type of acquaintance that lives with pain. The burden of pain can be quite crippling and hard to live with on a daily basis. Most people turn to doctors and prescriptions for relief. The side effects, however, of pain medication (such as kidney and liver damage) can be quite concerning to some who would rather have a natural option. I recently received a bottle of Essential Oil Pain Relief Blend by L’or Pur to try out and was anxious to try it after reading reviews on their website such as:

“…I experienced great relief after using it. The relief was immediate. It’s amazing!”

“This product works like magic.”

“There was no pain in my neck and shoulder for almost 8-10 hours after application.”

I can say that I too found similar results after using this essential oil blend! Essential oils can be a powerful natural alternative to pain relief. There are 8 essential oils used in this blend: 

  1. Peppermint – Peppermint oil offers significant pain relief for muscle strains. It also helps the brain to handle the pain better.
  2. Wintergreen - Wintergreen oil is the most popular of essential oils for pain relief. It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can offer the same pain-relieving effects as aspirin. 
  3. Menthol – Menthol helps pain by targeting nerve receptors and helps the nervous system not remember the pain.
  4. Camphor – Camphor works as a mild anesthetic.
  5. Clove – The soothing and warming properties of clove help it to reduce pain.
  6. Sage - Sage helps soothe inflamed muscles and joints.
  7. Marjoram – Soothes muscles and strengthens the nervous system.
  8. Eucalyptus – Eucalyptus oil relieves spasms and pain.


Effective, Fast Relief

What good is using something for pain relief if you are in a ton of pain and have to wait a long time for it to work?! One thing that I was impressed by was how quickly these essential oils soaked into my skin and offered quick relief.


I’m all about blending oils on my own to save money, but it is so nice to buy a blend that is already properly diluted with carrier oils. This blend uses sesame and almond oil.


I don’t know if you’ve ever priced essential oil brands, but some of them can be up to $60 an ounce or more! Whew! I don’t know about you, but that is NOT in my price range. L’orpur Essential Oil Blend is only around $15 an ounce, and the bottle comes in a larger size, which makes it last a long time. Check out this short video of me applying the oil!

Read more about this essential oil blend here, and be sure to use lorpur15off at checkout to save 15%!


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How To Use Essential Oils Without Breaking The Bank

How To Use Essential Oils Without Breaking The Bank | Jill's Home Remedies | You can save money on essential oils without compromising on the quality. Learn how to use essential oils without breaking the bank!

Essential oils have become a huge topic in the last few years. People from all over give testimonies of how they have improved their health in some way using essential oils. I really enjoy using them as well, and have done so for about 10 years. Have you ever heard someone say that essential oils are too expensive for them to invest in? I have. After seeing some pretty hefty price tags on some essential oils, I can understand why many people feel that way. You’ve also probably heard some say that only certain brands are pure and work as effectively as they are supposed to. These oils may be top-quality, but the price tags can leave one feeling discouraged. This can cause a person to decide essential oils aren’t within their budget.  If you live on a tight budget like I do, let me tell you that essential oils don’t have to be expensive. I’m going to share some secrets with you that you may not know about buying top quality essential oils without breaking the bank!

How To Use Essential Oils Without Breaking The Bank | Jill's Home Remedies | You can save money on essential oils without compromising on the quality. Learn how to use essential oils without breaking the bank!

How To Use Essential Oils Without Breaking The Bank First, let’s discuss what makes an essential oil an effective essential oil. It’s important to choose companies that manufacture an oil that is 100% pure.  Despite what some essential oil companies claim, there are not only 1 or 2 companies out there with pure, effective oils. Also, you do not have to spend a lot of money in order to have oils that work effectively. Let me pause right here and say that I realize there are many people out there that are very loyal to one essential oil company, and that’s great! I have favorite companies too! I have no problem with others recommending a company as their favorite and even what they feel to be the best quality oils. We all have our favorites.  The only problem I have is when a person degrades someone else for not feeling like their favorite essential oil brand is the best. If you are not aware that this happens, let me tell you that it does. And it’s sad. There are friends who won’t talk to their friends because they use a different essential oil company than them. This truly happens, dear readers. In my opinion, this is taking things waaaaay too far. I may have my favorite companies that I buy oils from, but I am not by any means going to drop a friendship because a person likes a different essential oil company than I do. It appears that some may have such a strong opinion that their oils of choice are the only good oils on the planet and it angers them to think that someone else would disagree with this. I hope this is not any of you. We need to show grace and kindness towards others with different likes and dislikes. Isn’t that just a basic principle of life that we need to respect? We should love each other and focus on what really matters in life. By writing this post, I am also not trying to bash popular essential oil companies that are more expensive, nor am I trying to say that you shouldn’t buy from them. I personally have several oils from one of the bigger named brands, and I absolutely love them! (They were also given to me.) :) You may see me advertise or promote a well-known brand essential oil company from time to time. This is because the oils are truly top-notch and many people prefer them over other companies and can afford them. Some people prefer the way certain oils smell (companies often use different plant species which results in a different smell but not quality), and are willing to pay more for the oils that have a smell more to their liking. Please hear my heart on this matter. As a mom that lives on a tight budget and cannot afford the more expensive oils, I know the frustration of wanting to provide the best natural remedies for my family, but knowing my budget will only allow so much. This post is written for those of you in the same boat as me. I have done my research and have found essential oil companies that I can afford, without having to compromise on the quality. So what makes an oil a goodern’? (I may not be a southerner by birth, but I did live in Alabama for over 2 years, which qualifies me to speak like one on occasion.) ;)

How To Use Essential Oils Without Breaking The Bank | Jill's Home Remedies | You can save money on essential oils without compromising on the quality. Learn how to use essential oils without breaking the bank!

The Purity Of Essential Oils Let’s talk about what makes an essential oil a truly pure essential oil. Here are some questions to ask about an essential oil company before you buy from them. You can find the answer to these questions by looking at the company’s website, or by calling and talking to the company. Lea Harris, who is an aromatherapist, raised enough money to do some 3rd party testing on essential oils. You can read the results here and you will find that the less expensive oils tested just as pure as the more expensive ones.

How are the oils derived?

The essential oils should be steam distilled at no greater than 212 degrees, which is the point that water turns into steam. If plants are steam distilled at higher temperatures, the medicinal quality will be damaged. Some essential oils have to be cold pressed (such as citrus oils), but the other oils should be steam distilled using low heat in order to be the most effective.

What is the plant source?

It’s important to use oils that come from organic plants, or plants that are not sprayed with pesticides.

Does the company test their oils for purity?

In order for essential oils to be 100% pure, they must be undiluted and uncontaminated. The only way to guarantee this is if the company tests their oils by gas chromatography and/or infrared spectroscopy.

What about oils being therapeutic grade?

Some essential oil companies claim that their oils are therapeutic grade, but this is simply a marketing term. There is not a committee system set up to declare that oils are or are not therapeutic grade. There is obviously a system in place in the certified organic industry for foods and herbs, but there are no agencies like this for essential oils. The companies that use this term for their oils are simply using a marketing term, but it does not necessarily mean their oils are better than others.

What about oils being safe enough for internal use?

In order for companies to be able to say their oils are safe for internal use, they have to pay a lot of money for insurance. Some companies prefer not to do this so they can keep their oils at a cheaper price, therefore you may read “for aromatherapy use” on the labels and assume that they are not as pure as those that can claim that their oils are safe for internal use. The only difference in the oils is that one company pays a lot of insurance to be able to make that claim (and normally has a higher price tag on the oils), and the other company chooses not to pay the insurance (and can sell their oils for less).  Whether or not oils are safe for internal use is up for debate among aromatherapists. If you decide that you want to occasionally use an oil internally (very well diluted of course), then the thing you want to look for is a company that is trustworthy and tests their oils for purity, and not necessarily only the ones that can claim that their oils are safe for internal use. Let me just pause here and say again (just to be sure I am being clear) that I am not trying to bash the larger well-known oil companies, and I sincerely hope I am not coming across that way. The larger oil companies that I know of are top quality, excellent oils. I am simply trying to clear up some misconceptions about oils in general. I have many people ask me what brands of essential oils I use because they cannot afford to buy expensive ones. I want all moms everywhere to realize that they can use healthy remedies from home that they can afford!

So how can some top-quality essential oil companies offer their oils for so much less?

There are a few reasons that some companies can sell oils at much less of the price as other companies. 

  1. Insurance – as I’ve already mentioned, some companies purchase insurance to be able to make claims about their oils being safe for internal use. This is completely fine that they wish to promote their oils in this way, but they do have to up the price of their products to cover the cost.
  2. Organic or not organic – some oil companies only purchase from organic farmers and can label their own resulting oil as organic. Buying from organic sources is great, but it does obviously cost more to buy from organic farmers rather than from farmers that practice organic farming but have not paid all that money to be able to claim the organic label.
  3. Business model – some companies sell through a multi-level marketing business model. This means that distributors have to be paid, which is more expensive than just buying directly from the company.

Purchasing quality oils that are affordable

Because I live on a tight budget, I have a few companies that I purchase from that I am confident are top quality but are within my price range.

  • Beeyoutiful - when I need to purchase an essential oil, Beeyoutiful is normally the first company I check with to see if they produce it. This is a small, Christian, home-schooling, family-owned company. They keep their staff and expenses to a minimum in order to offer all of their products at such low prices. They test their essential oils before, during, and after bottling to ensure that they are pure and not contaminated. Most of their bottles come in 1 oz. sizes, which lasts much longer and therefore I don’t have to order as often. Beeyoutiful has the best prices on top-quality essential oils that I have personally found. View their website here.
  • Mountain Rose Herbs – Mountain Rose Herbs is another company I sometimes purchase from. They have just about every essential oil under the sun, so if I need an oil that Beeyoutiful does not carry, I normally purchase from them. Find their oils here.

While this list is not exhaustive, here are a few other companies that I have never purchased from but believe to be top-quality:

Do you use essential oils? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!