Have You Ever Been Let Down By The Medical System?

Have You Ever Been Let Down By the Medical System? | Jill's Home Remedies | Have you ever been let down by the medical system? Here are some ways to take charge of your own health.

Have you ever been let down by the conventional medical system? I well remember the day that I was.

I remember realizing one day that I was so overcome with fatigue and panic attacks that I did not know how to function everyday. I realized that for the first time the doctors did not have a pill to prescribe to me for my ailment. All of my blood tests came back normal and they said I should be feeling great.

But I wasn’t. I could hardly function enough to do normal day to day activities. I did not know it, but my body was crying out for nutritional healing that could not be prescribed by a doctor.

I grew up thinking that conventional doctors always knew what was best for my health, and I never, ever questioned any pills that they prescribed me. Suffering for years in my early adulthood from side effects of medication quickly changed my mind on making someone else’s opinion the complete guideline for my health. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate the medical system when it comes to emergencies. I am amazed at how they can save lives for those who would otherwise be hopeless in surviving (humanly speaking), and ease the pain of suffering patients.

But I’ve discovered that when it comes to good health in general, I now rarely agree with the advice given by medical professionals because I have discovered through personal experience that God has a vast array of healing for me growing right outside my door without the harmful side effects that pills used to give me. If you’ve not read my health story, you can read it here.

I used to be very skeptical of herbs and natural healing. It makes me laugh to even think that was true at one time because my thinking has changed so much over the years. 

Once I took charge of my own health, I experienced healing and began to feel better than I had in many, many years. This change came about through me choosing to eat different foods and to nourish my body with healing herbs.

This first taste of successful healing encouraged me to keep going, keep learning, and keep using these natural methods to promote both wellness and healing for my own family.

Fast forward 15 years later and we’re still using them, now more than ever. Our natural medicine chest is brimming with herbal remedies and essential oils (among other things) that really do work. My kids know that when someone’s sick or hurt, that’s where I’ll head first.

So how did I learn how to treat my family with natural remedies? How did I even know where to start?

Yes, I have taken a family herbalist course through an online school. But that is not how I got started in learning, nor where I’ve learned most of my information.

I bought books, watched YouTube videos, and read a lot of things online. I’m still in the learning process. And honestly, experience brings confidence. When I saw how well natural medicine worked (far better than conventional medicine when it came to common illnesses), I gained confidence to learn more and used herbs and essential oils more often and for a variety of situations.

And let me tell you that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on courses and books to gain the knowledge that I have. And the learning never stops. I am ALWAYS learning new things about God’s creation that can do so much for us.

Are you more of a beginner and just need some step-by-step tutorials, recipes and safety information to help you feel good about moving forward?

Or are you like me and have been using herbs and essential oils to some degree, but you want to get serious and learn more advanced information?

Regardless of where you’re at, I’m so excited to introduce you to something created just for you and me, to equip us with more confidence, skills and know-how as we use herbs and essential oils in our own home. 

It’s called the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle.

It’s a collection of 20 eCourses, eBooks and printables that bring together science-backed, time-honored remedies and information, in one comprehensive package, at a price that’s too good to miss.

Have You Ever Been Let Down By the Medical System? | Jill's Home Remedies | Have you ever been let down by the medical system? Here are some ways to take charge of your own health. With these resources at your fingertips, you’ll be able to:

  • Separate fact from fiction as you choose quality herbs and essential oils.
  • Confidently prepare salves, syrups, tinctures, and teas.
  • Properly dilute oils for topical use.
  • Learn blending principals for aromatic use.
  • Incorporate essential oils into easy and effective herbal remedies.
  • Know which herbs are safe for pregnancy, babies and children.
  • Use printables to organize your essential oils for safety and ease of use.
  • Create beauty products, herbal baths, and even gifts for friends and family.

Instead of spending $400 (as I’ve definitely invested more than that over the years), you can get this entire herbs and essential oils library, worth over $400, for less than $30. That’s 92% off what it would cost to buy everything individually!

I wish so much that there was something like this available years ago!

(Not to mention, it’s the price of one doctor or hospital copay, or filling a prescription or two.)

Golden Poppy Herbal Apothecary is a full-service apothecary and clinic offering small batch hand-made herbal products to enhance your health and wellbeing. With your bundle, you’ll also receive a special coupon for 50% off bulk herbs and essential oils! For starters, I plan to order their horsetail herb. It’s one I’ve wanted to try to strengthen my veins, hair, and nails, and getting it at 50% off is a steal!.

The bundle is available for just 6 days, from now until Monday, June 27th, 2016 at 11:59pm EST. That’s why the Ultimate Bundles team can offer so much, because they only have permission to sell it for such a short period of time.

Learn more or get your bundle now!

If you think getting all these herb & essential oil resources for less than $30 sounds like a steal, then make sure to go HERE to see exactly what it includes and grab yours before this deal ends!

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5 Helpful Essential Oils for the Summer


5 helpful essential oils for the summer

With the official summer season being upon us, there are precautions we have to be mindful of as moms. Cautions such as sunburns, ticks, mosquitoes, etc.

Our skin is the biggest organ of our body, and it’s very important to be careful of what we spray on it.

Thankfully, there are healthy, natural alternatives to using toxic bug sprays for these situations without resorting to unsafe personal care products.

5 Helpful Essential Oils for the Summer

1. Peppermint

Peppermint oil is a great oil for helping sunburns. Mix 2-3 drops of peppermint oil with 1/4 cup of coconut oil or olive oil.  Apply this as often as needed. This will be very cooling and soothing to the burn!

2. Lavender

Summer heat can trigger terrible headaches. The most important thing is to be sure you and your family are staying well-hydrated. Carbonated drinks can actually dehydrate the body, so don’t think you are staying hydrated just because you are drinking something cool and refreshing. Be sure to drink actual water!

But for those times that the summer heat triggers a headache for whatever reason, lavender oil can come to the rescue!

If I have a summer headache, I first make sure I sip on water all the rest of the day in case the headache is caused by dehydration. I also use lavender oil to help ease the headache pain.

Click here to find my favorite store to buy affordable, pure oils!

Click here to find out the other 3 oils that are so helpful to use in the summer months!

Herbal First Aid for Outdoor Adventures

Herbal First Aid for Outdoor Adventures | Jill's Home Remedies | Outdoor adventures are a favorite part of summer. Be prepared with these 6 herbs you can use for herbal first aid.

Enjoying the outdoors is a great way to explore nature, get dirty and have some adventures, especially for the kids in your family. As fun as the outdoors can be, sometimes accidents happen. Instead of reaching for over the counter medications and creams with bad antibiotics and sketchy ingredients, use plants for herbal first aid.

There are so many good plants to choose from when it comes to herbal first aid, but I’ve condensed the list down to some of my most used favorites. Many of these plants can be foraged from your backyard or outdoor space. Just be sure to avoid any plants growing near highways or farm fields, as these are full of toxins.


This herb is best used fresh and can often be found growing near poison ivy in a damp, shady location. Spotted jewelweed is used to combat the effects of poison ivy, poison oak, and stinging nettles. It’s an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. One study even found it to be as effective as corticosteroids and prescription drugs for treating poison ivy. Jewelweed has been used for many different skin irritations, like burns, insect bites, rashes, and sores.

To use: Rub the juice from the stem onto skin that’s just been exposed to an irritant. You can also make the fresh plant into a decoction, tincture, poultice or salve.


This herb is mentioned in the classic novel, The Lord of the Rings, as kingsfoil. The characters use it during one scene to stop bleeding from a wound. Even though the book is fictional, the herb known as milfoil, or yarrow is quite real. Yarrow can be made into a tea or tincture and used internally, but it can also be used externally on wounds. It’s antiseptic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, astringent and a pain reliever.

To use: Mix powdered yarrow with water, or grind fresh yarrow and place it over the affected area. Wrap with a bandage to keep the herbs in place.


There are two types of plantain: broad leaf, and long leaf. The broad leaf variety is what’s typically used for skincare and herbal preparations. This herb favors compacted areas like driveways and pathways, so it’s an easy one to spot. Plantain is antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent and anti-inflammatory. It’s my favorite to use for bug bites and stings.

You can also help to prevent bug bites in the first place with a good, all natural bug spray. The one I use doesn’t contain the neurotoxin DEET like conventional bug sprays. Instead, it uses all natural plants that help repel mosquitos, and even ticks that may carry Lyme disease. You can check out my Bug Off spray here!

To use: Chew the leaf or roll it in the palm of your hands until the juices are released. Place the wet leaf on bites, wounds and stings. It can also be used to draw out splinters and thorns. Can also be used as a salve or tincture.


This is my number one go-to herb for soothing irritated skin. It offers relief and healing for issues like psoriasis, eczema, sunburn and rashes. Calendula is particularly helpful for stubborn wounds that resist healing and helps dispel lymphatic congestion for faster results. It’s anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and good for infectious diseases.

To use: Apply an oil or salve infused with the herb onto the affected area. You can also crush the fresh flower until the juices are released and apply to the affected area, then secure with a bandage.


This herb is nicknamed “bone knit” for its ability to speed the healing of broken, dislocated and fractured bones. Even if you don’t have a broken bone, comfrey can also be used for bruises, sprains, wounds, burns and inflamed skin. It’s also a mild pain reliever. Comfrey is known to heal skin so quickly, that it’s usually paired with anti-microbial herbs to prevent any infections from being sealed into the skin. Comfrey is typically used as a poultice, however, it should not be used internally. 

To use: Mix powdered comfrey with water, or grind fresh comfrey and place it over the affected area. Wrap with a bandage to keep the herbs in place. Can also be used in a salve or tincture.

Herbal First Aid for Outdoor Adventures | Jill's Home Remedies | Outdoor adventures are a favorite part of summer. Be prepared with these 6 herbs you can use for herbal first aid.


Although this herb is famous for its use as an immune booster during the cold season, echinacea is also great for skincare. Echinacea is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. It boosts and balances the immune system to fight infections and stimulates wound healing.

To use: Drink as a tea, or tincture. Can also be infused in oil and used topically in a salve.

Healing Salve

Sometimes you need a fast and easy solution for bug bites, scrapes, sunburns, rashes and other skin irritations. And while I love grabbing an herb from the yard, sometimes what you need isn’t readily available, or you may not be sure how to identify the right plant. That’s where a good healing salve comes in.

I’ve been making my own healing salve and sharing it with others for years now. It took a little while to come up with a safe, yet highly effective recipe, and it features many of the herbs mentioned above and more. This healing salve is a true multitasker and can be used to soothe skin such as your baby’s diaper rash, your husband’s sunburn or that mysterious rash that showed up on your arm.

I worked as a nanny for over 7 years, and unfortunately several of the kids I cared for suffered from eczema. After applying this salve a few times, the eczema was significantly improved, and it offered them soothing relief from the itching and pain.

Here’s what other natural mammas have had to say about it:

“My 5th time ordering this salve – works wonders on burns, irritation, cuts, razor bumps, ANYTHING. Thank you for this all-natural product that WORKS and is AFFORDABLE!”

“So far so good! It’s healed a diaper rash super quick!”

“This stuff is like magic… It healed my sons stubborn diaper rash and eczema in less than 24 hours. And the shop did everything to make my experience highly pleasant. Highly recommend.”

Get organic healing salve

If you want to try some healing salve for yourself, check it out at my Etsy store, This & That Herbal. You’ll also find plenty of other non-toxic, organic and natural, plant-based body care items for everyone in your family.

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