What Every Mama Should Know About Breast Milk

A few breastmilk facts:

*Protects against infection
*Protects against inflammation
*Babies are 26 times less likely to develop diabetes
*Babies are 21% less likely to develop childhood leukemia
*Less likely for eczema
*Less likely for obesity
Here is a comparison of breast milk and formula taken from Circle of Moms…..
…..Follow me today to Little Natural Cottage for the second and final part of my series on breast milk. You’ll be amazed at just how perfect God made this food for your baby!

The Importance Of Breastfeeding

The milk a mom makes for her baby is perfect for her child.  No one else  could ever make a more perfect food. 

I am always surprised when I hear  my mother or mother-in-law speak of how society pressured women in their generation to use formula, because man had designed a powdered milk that they claimed was much better for the baby than breast milk…….

Today I’m guest posting over at Little Natural Cottage.  Join me over there to read the rest!

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