How My Friend Healed Acid Reflux Disease

Illustration depicting a sign with an acid reflux concept.

A few months ago I shared some information with a friend about peppermint oil that I heard while listening to the Essential Oil Summit.  In one of the talks I learned that peppermint oil can help with weight loss.  My friend gave it a try and reported back to me a few months later that she wasn’t sure if it was helping with weight loss, but that it had healed her acid reflux disease.  I was so excited for her because I knew she had suffered for years from acid reflux and had tried so many remedies without too much success.  Sometimes one remedy works better for one person than the other, and sometimes a remedy that we have been using will stop being as effective, so I like to try a variety of remedies, or switch it up every now and then.  Our bodies at times just need a break from taking the exact same thing.

How My Friend Healed Acid Reflux Disease

To use peppermint oil for acid reflux disease, add 2 drops of 100% pure peppermint essential oil {I bought mine here} to a glass of water and drink.  Repeat this throughout the day as needed.  That’s it!  This is a very simple and safe way that you may be able to avoid medication and heal your acid relux disease.

Peppermint is used extensively in Western and Eastern medicine for indigestion and other ailments.  And who knows – it may help with weight loss too!

Do you suffer from acid reflux disease?  How do you treat it?

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