5 Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

Ear infections are so miserable, and children seem to be especially susceptible to them. I have a lot of experience dealing with ear infections, and I’ve been able to treat them naturally all these years! Let’s get your kiddo well in a hurry with these natural remedies for ear infections!
My daughter was up coughing non-stop for 2 hours a couple nights ago, and coughed about every 10 seconds during the day. It was awful! I realized it was drainage from her ears making her cough – I remembered the symptoms from the other times my girls have had ear infections so I began to treat her for an ear infection. Her coughing began to clear up the same day I started the treatment, and she was quickly as good as new! 

5 Natural Remedies for Ear Infections

1. Colloidal Silver

I normally choose colloidal silver for ear infections because it is odorless and effective. 

Colloidal Silver boosts the immune system and kills the infection. I took one of my kids for a regular check-up as a baby and found out she had a double ear infection – which I did not know because she wasn’t in pain, nor miserable, she just had a runny nose. I used the method with silver (as described below under instructions for use), and brought her back to the doctor in 2 weeks just to hear from him that the infection was gone – and it was! 

Many times kids can have ear infections and not have much pain, if any at all. I watch for the symptoms of fussiness plus pulling or playing with one of their ears. This shows the ear is causing discomfort, but not necessarily pain. With the ear infection I just treated, I recognized the continuous cough, runny nose, fussiness and saw her pull on one of her ears when I laid her down to sleep.  If I suspect an ear infection, I put silver in both ears, and not just the one that appears to be the infected one. The other ear could be infected also, but not as bothersome, and drainage could go to the other ear during the sickness to cause an infection in that ear. 

It is very important to always treat both ears!!

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2. Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is so good for so many things, and one thing is ear infections! You can use white vinegar mixed with equal parts of rubbing alcohol, but I always buy raw apple cider vinegar because the health benefits are far superior to other kinds of vinegar. Buy raw apple cider vinegar here.

5 Natural Remedies for Ear Infections | Jills Home Remedies | Ear infections can be so painful, and children especially suffer from them! Here's how you can naturally treat them at home and be pain-free in no time!

3. Fresh Onion and Garlic

This remedy is great for cases where ear pain accompanies the infection. One of my girls was up crying constantly with ear pain, and I administered a few drops of silver and also cut an onion and garlic in half. I alternately placed the cut side of the onion and garlic against the ear and held it there. It took the pain away, and she was fine by morning. I’ve only used this once because the few times my kids have had an ear infection were without pain. They mostly feel only discomfort. Onions will also pull infection out!

4. Garlic Oil

To use for ear infections, warm garlic oil to a comfortable temperature. You want to use warm garlic oil, but be sure it isn’t too hot! For instructions on how to make garlic oil, click here.

5. Hydrogen Peroxide

I have many memories of peroxide bubbling on my cuts and scrapes during my childhood years. This was the go-to medicine my parents chose whenever we were hurt. I had no idea the antibacterial properties in peroxide could kill ear infections too!

5 Natural Remedies for Ear Infections | Jills Home Remedies | Ear infections can be so painful, and children especially suffer from them! Here's how you can naturally treat them at home and be pain-free in no time!

Instructions for Use

To use these remedies for ear infections, you can follow these same basic instructions for whichever remedy you choose.

  • Place 1-2 drops of the liquid of choice in each ear 3-5 times throughout the day.
  • Be sure the patient lies on his/her side for 5-10 minutes so the medicine doesn’t just run out before it has time to work.
  • When the child is better, place drops in the ears 1-2 times a day for a total of 10 days to make sure the infection is gone. I always continue a treatment for about 10 days, and not just stop when there is improvement. The infection can come back or not being completely gone.

These are very easy, inexpensive home remedies that will have your sweetie (or yourself) free of infection and pain in no time!

What is your favorite remedy for ear infections?

*This post was originally published October 26, 2010