Losing Someone That Has Been Key In My Health Journey

Close-up of a sad and depressed woman deep in thought outdoors. toned image I got a call that a lady I know suddenly passed away, and I am brokenhearted.  She was a morphologist (someone that does a live blood analysis)and played a key role in helping me on the road to recovery.  She assisted me in getting to the root of some of my health problems.  She was so very sweet and kind, and went above and beyond to help in any way she could.  Those kind of people become dear to your heart.   I had more appointments planned, more advice needed.  It’s hard losing someone that has been key in my health journey.

I have recommended so many people to her who have found help for themselves in getting to the root of their health problems.

And so the news I received today of her passing has really been a blow to me and my family.  Jocelyn?  How could Jocelyn have passed away from an unexpected blood clot?  Yes she went to the doctor for her symptoms.  Yes she took precautions and did all she could to prevent health problems.  The doctors just did not find it in time.

But she was a naturalist.  She practiced alternative medicine.  Aren’t these kind of people supposed to be exempt from this sort of thing?  Wasn’t she already taking some kind of herb or food that would prevent blood clots?

Some people upon hearing that a natural-living person has passed away will comment that it doesn’t really matter if we try to live a healthier life, we all die some day.

And that’s true that we do all have a time to die.  God is ultimately in control of our days, I agree.

Does it matter how healthy we live and eat?  Does choosing a natural lifestyle matter?

Yes I believe it does.  At least it matters to me.

I don’t choose a healthy lifestyle because I think it’ll make me live forever.  It won’t.  I could die today or tomorrow or next week.  

I choose a healthier lifestyle because I want to live a better quality of life while I’m on this earth.  I want to have the energy and vitality to accomplish God’s purpose for me while I’m here.  I have learned that unnecessary medication and unhealthy eating habits can send me down a snowball path of ill health and no energy.

I want to thrive and not just survive.

I do believe that choosing to take care of ourselves is blessed by God and that we can hasten the end of our days by making foolish choices.  I don’t want to do that.

And yes I do know that living a natural lifestyle doesn’t exempt you from sickness or cancer or physical problems.  That’s all in God’s hands too.  Sometimes no matter how healthy we live, He chooses to allow us to suffer to teach us more about ourselves and Him.  To make us a better person.  To accomplish His plan.  

And such is the case with my friend Jocelyn.  She was as enthusiastic about natural living as they come, yet it was her time to go.  And she helped so many people live a better quality of life, including me.  For that I am forever grateful.

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