My Health Story Part 3: The Answer To My Craziness

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I want to clarify that I don’t believe people who are depressed are crazy! There is a true thing of depression that can come from chemicals taken inwardly, or a chemical imbalance in our bodies. There are natural things to do for depression too. But this post isn’t about depression, so I won’t go into that now.

So here I was trying to live my days with extreme fatigue, having a hard time doing daily tasks, and feeling like I’m some astronaut floating in outer space anytime I went somewhere. And 3 different doctors have told me that I’m perfectly fine and healthy!  

This really started making me feel like I was crazy or a hypochondriac and imagining these things, but I thought I had a sound mind! So as I said before, I started really praying! Do you ever have something really important to pray about, but you just offer small petitions to God instead of really doing some serious praying? Well, this got serious enough for me that I was begging God for an answer!  

The Answer To My Craziness

The answer came soon after when I was speaking to a lady about my situation. I had talked to this same lady before but this time, she recalled someone that also had symptoms that doctors couldn’t explain. She gave me her name and I immediately looked her up and explained what I was going through. This lady told me about a certain chiropractor who was able to help her feel like a new person. I called this chiropractor’s office and made an appointment with “Dr. Sunshine”. I will never forget his name since he definitely brought “sunshine” in my life by making me feel better. :)

Dr. Sunshine is a “natural” chiropractor. He is a practicing chiropractor but is also very knowledgeable about supplementing. When I explained my symptoms at my first appointment, he knew what to do.  

Finally! I had found a doctor that didn’t think I was crazy or depressed! What a load lifted off my shoulders!  

What was his diagnosis?  

I was very depleted of nutrients!  

God made our bodies very complex, and they need certain “vital” nutrients to function. When we lack in these nutrients, our bodies go haywire! A variety of symptoms can happen, and nothing can make us truly feel better except replenishing ourselves. What Dr. Sunshine did was took different vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements and tested me to see what I was lacking in.  

What did I take?  

I don’t remember! 

I really wish I did, but up to this point I knew nothing of supplements and natural things, so all the names were foreign – not something my brain remembered.  I called Dr. Sunshine’s office to see if they still had my records, but unfortunately my records have been shredded.  

 {UPDATE! I recently found the paper from Dr. Sunshine in storage with my diagnosis! Read what it was here!}

I took these supplements and began to feel better within a few weeks. I took them for about a total of 4 months. When we replenish ourselves, it’s not a quick fix like popping a pill in our mouth and covering up symptoms. Remember how long I took antibiotics every day?  For 6 years!  I can’t expect to fix something in a short time that took 6 years to mess up. It’s a slower process as our body balances and heal themselves. 

I still have liver problems that I struggle with from the many years I took the medicine, but I’ve been able to live a normal life since I replenished my body with what it needed to function.

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This post was originally published on May 6, 2011.

My Health Story Part 2: The Doctors Thought I Was Crazy

The Doctors Thought I Was Crazy | Jill's Home Remedies | Here's part 2 of my health story when the doctors thought I was crazy!

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First, I want to start off telling the new symptoms I had when I quit taking the antibiotic.  

Not only was I still very tired and short of breath, I had panic attacks if I went anywhere! If I was driving, I felt like my car was going to be picked up and float to outer-space – off into nothingness. It was a very out-of-contro,l miserable feeling!  

These weird feelings didn’t happen all of the time until after I went off the medicine. I also want to mention that during the 6 years I was on the antibiotic, I did take a break from it for 6 months – only to take a new, much stronger drug for acne called Accutane. Accutane has since been recalled and there are lawsuits from “serious injuries” that have occurred from taking it. Great!  It’s hard to believe I’ve put my body through this!

So, back to the story…

The Doctors Thought I Was Crazy

I got to the point with my panic attacks and fatigue, that it would have been the easiest thing to become a hermit at home – only going somewhere if someone could take me, but I refused to live this way! I even had to get out of the church choir because the whole time I stood, I had horrible feelings of flying off into the air or fainting, and I would grasp the chairs in front of me.  

Weird, huh?  

In the meantime, I went to the doctor 2 or 3 more times (if I remember correctly, this was the 3rd doctor I had seen for this) and this doctor continued to give me strange looks as I described again my symptoms.  

His answer?  




I was not depressed.  

Now, it was depressing to feel and live this way, but I knew I didn’t need medicine for depression. I chose not to fill the prescription. I’m not sure why I didn’t automatically follow this advice when in the past I always did whatever any doctor’s opinion was – it must have been God. I’m so thankful I didn’t take the prescription because anti-depressants cause 40,000 deaths a year! (Source)  

This particular doctor referred me to an OBGYN for my pregnancy and when I met her, she showed me a letter he had faxed her that in all caps said I was depressed, needed anti-depressants and was in a stage of denial!  


I couldn’t believe this!  

I started thinking what if I am crazy or depressed? How can I be a wife and mother? Will I have to live the rest of my life like this?  

I still had no answers!  

What did I do?  

I kept praying!!  

And God answered my prayers!

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This post was originally published on May 5, 2011.

I Knew I Was Not Healthy!

wasnt healthy


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Let me share with you my health story! I’m hoping that by sharing it, I can help someone along the way that is suffering in some way that I was. It has different aspects to it, so I’m splitting it into different parts. I’m not sure how many yet? I don’t know how long-winded I’m going to be :~)

I haven’t always been into home remedies. In fact, I was really turned away from them growing up. I knew someone once that would very loudly talk non-stop about “home remedies” every time I came into contact with them. It just really turned me away from that kind of thing. (But now I could listen non-stop and find it very interesting. I just try to get past the loud part ;)).

Anyways…I didn’t grow up on vitamins or any kind of nutritional supplements. I followed the advice of any doctor that told me anything, thinking it was the best option since a doctor said it, instead of researching what was best for me. Now, I am not against doctors, but I believe there should be balance!  

I began taking antibiotics every day for acne as a teenager. That’s right! My dermatologist prescribed for me to take antibiotics every day for acne. I ended up taking them for 6 years every day. Anyone I tell this to, including most doctors, cannot believe I would be put on antibiotics every day for so long. Are you getting this every day thing? No one should be taking antibiotics on a daily basis year after year.

Maybe you think I’m a real dummy for not knowing better, and I would have to now agree, but I had no idea what it was doing to my body!  All I knew was that it kept my face clear (and we know how important this is to teenagers!), and that my doctor told me it was what would help me do that. And remember that up to this point I did whatever a doctor said I should do. I’ll share later how taking too many antibiotics affects the body. Do you know how very damaging taking a lot of antibiotics is to a body? It’s not something to take lightly.

I Knew I Was Not Healthy

For a few years as a teenager, I was more fatigued than a teenager should be. But as I began college, I was extremely fatigued!  I had a hard time walking up a hill – it plain ol’ wore me OUT! I knew this was not normal because I was considered to be a healthy girl. I had lots of headaches and would have to spend days resting from my fatigue. I hated missing my college classes during this time! I had tests run, just knowing that I had some horrible disease, but test after test showed I was healthy.  

Now, I’m very thankful I don’t have a disease, but I knew something was wrong! I decided to let it drop and just live with it. Then I married my wonderful husband (I sure do love him!:)) and had a home to take care of. I got to the point that I would wash the dishes and have to lay down, brush my hair and then have to lay down, sweep the floor and then have to lay down – etc. It was very frustrating!  

I found out I was expecting our first child and the doctor recommended I go off my antibiotic, so I did. Well, my body didn’t know what to do because it was used to the medicine on a daily basis, so I began to have strange things happen to me that made me feel like I was crazy. I did not realize until later that my symptoms were from withdrawals, and also from what the medicine had done to me all those years. I wanted answers!  

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Have you ever been at a point in your life that you just knew you were not healthy? Have you ever pinpointed part of it to medication?

* I am republishing this post from its original date of May 4, 2011.