My Health Story Part 4: My Recommendation For You!


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Perhaps you read my health story and you or someone you know suffer from unexplained symptoms.  

Are you tired all the time?  

Do you not wake up feeling refreshed?  

Are you dizzy at times with no explanation?  

Short of breath?  

These things plague many people, and the solution could be simply replenishing yourself with nutrients you are depleted of.  (Also be sure that you’re eating healthy foods and not trying to live off fast-food and sugar!)  

It’s always wise to be tested at a doctor to make certain there is nothing serious wrong like a disease or cancer.  If the tests come back that you are “healthy” (which I hope they do!!!), you can bet that you’re probably very depleted of something!  I don’t recommend running to Wal-Mart and grabbing a “Once A Day” (or whatever they’re called) ๐Ÿ™‚ – you need a good vitamin made from food sources.  

Any easy, excellent way to get vitamins and minerals is from herbs.  This saves a lot of money also to purchase herbal mixes and make teas, tinctures, or add them to smoothies.  

Many times, though, when you have the kind of symptoms listed above, there is one or more specific vitamins and minerals that your body needs, and you need to purchase those certain ones and take them in a higher dose to give your body what it needs.  Some people may have taken good vitamins, but not felt better.  When that happens, they probably need certain ones in those higher doses in addition to a daily vitamin mixture.

Applied Kinesiology is the technique that Dr. Sunshine used on me to determine what nutrients I needed to balance myself out.  It definitely worked for me, and I felt such a difference after I replenished myself with what I was lacking.  I was back to my more normal self after a few months and I’d been suffering for years!  I am so thankful that God led me to this doctor!

The technique is described below from his website:

Applied Kinesiology 

A diagnostic tool that utilizes the neuromuscular system through manual muscle testing to access the patient’s underlying problem and to assist us in accurately formulating an appropriate treatment plan. This technique is used in conjunction with other exams to evaluate the patients overall condition.
The key to what is described above are the words “underlying problem”.  We don’t want medication that only covers up symptoms.  It makes more sense to find the true cause of our symptoms and take care of the problem, otherwise the problem will always be there and will always bother you, and will only get worse.

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    Jill, I absolutely love this little series! I had the same problem almost exactly. I had so little energy that I had to go back to bed at noon and I would fear fainting while driving my car. Grocery shopping was extremely difficult and house cleaning non-existent. The doctors found nothing wrong with me and told me it was all in my head! A chiropractor discovered my problem…severe storage-iron deficiency! It didn’t show up on regular blood tests! After taking iron, I felt much better! Thanks for sharing your story!
    Erin N. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Erin – we have SO much in common! ๐Ÿ™‚ The longer I know you, the more we share!!! Thanks for being my friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Hi Jill,
    I can relate so much to your story. I didn’t suffer as much with acne, as I have had with headaches. After I graduated high school I was tired all the time, too. Even after I got married and had babies, I still suffered from fatigue and headaches!
    Two years ago I found a chiropractor who tested me with Nutritional Response Testing. He was able to see where I was deficient. A year later I went on a purification program that completely changed my outlook on health. Of course, I have slipped and fallen into old habits, but I am so ready to get back on track and stay on track!
    Thanks for your story… I’ll be back again, reading more of your articles ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I went to a natural chiropractor who discovered that I had leaky gut and tons of food allergies as a result of antubiotics. he saved me. reading your story was like readingmy own.

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    reading this is like reading my own story. I am 29 and sick with panic attacks and poor health. I found a chiropractor who diagnossed me with leaky gut and numerous food allergies as a result of antibiotics

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