Live Blood Analysis – We Are As Healthy As Our Blood Is!

Did you know that we are only as healthy as our blood is?  Our blood circulates through our body every few minutes.  Therefore, one drop of blood that has traveled around the entire body is all it takes to see the entire life of a person.  The Bible says that “the blood is the life” in Deuteronomy 12:23.
How is this test performed?  The finger is pricked and one drop of blood is observed under a microscope.  Here is what healthy blood cells look like:  They move freely and have smooth edges.

A live blood analysis shows the health of any organ and gland.  When I had this done, I could see on a screen the quality of my red blood cells and the activity of my white blood cells.  This test can show early signs of disease or cancer, so you can prevent them.  It also shows if you have candida, parasites, yeast, bacteria, fungus, uric acid, stress on any organs, are deficient in any vitamins or minerals, etc.

Why is this test better than a regular blood analysis?  Because~ there are things that show up in our blood when it’s “live” that don’t show up later. (I think it may be “live” for 30 min.?  Something like that.)  When a regular blood analysis is done and sent to a lab, many things have died that can be seen during a live blood analysis. If a regular test shows up that you are “healthy” and “fine”, but you don’t feel “healthy” and “fine”, a live blood analysis will show what is really going on in your body all the time.
I’ll have to admit that when I had my appointment, I was skeptical that it would really be accurate.  So, when I arrived, I simply sat down and smiled at the lady – making sure I didn’t tell her first any ailments or symptoms I had.  I was so shocked when she began pointing out things on the screen and telling me how I was feeling and ailments I lived with everyday!  She could also tell I didn’t have the best diet (yikes!  I thought that was my secret!)  I was able to ask her what she recommended that I do.  I could even make follow-up calls with any questions.  And yes, her suggestions made some very annoying joint pain disappear in a few weeks!  She also gave me suggestions to improve my damaged liver.  If you’ve read My Health Story, you know how my liver was damaged!  I personally recommend this test to everyone, even if you feel completely fine.  You will be truly informed of your over-all health, and it could even help save your life!
Where can you get this test done?  In my area, we have a local health food store that allows a lady to set up her equipment and do them.  So,  contact a local health food store or a larger one like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s to see if they have any information about it.  You won’t regret it!  Prevention is the best medicine!
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