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Bug Me Not

Beeyoutiful is having a special price on their Bug Me Not bug spray!  This is perfect timing as all the annoying pests come out for warmer weather to give us endless bites!  This product uses all-natural ingredients to repel the insects, instead of carcinogenic poisons.  Click here to get a bottle while it’s on sale!

Here’s what their website says about the product:  “Declare your freedom from whining mosquitoes, annoying gnats, and the bug bites that follow most warm weather outdoor fun! Beeoyoutiful’s all-natural spray-on repellent uses essential oils to deter little pests. Citronella (popular ingredient in mosquito-repellent candles), lemongrass, rosemary, and thyme offer you a delightful aroma, but they’re repugnant to mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other creepy crawlies.

Most bug sprays contain poisons that aren’t much better for you than for the insects they repel—especially when used repeatedly. The largest organ in your body—your skin—drinks in the carcinogenic poisons in traditional insect repellent, delivers them to capillaries which then take them straight to your liver. A busy member of the digestive tract, the liver is also a filter that has to sidetrack routine digestion duties when toxins enter your system. It has to filter them out so you don’t get poisoned! If this happens too often, your liver can get clogged and eventually fail.

Bug Me Not is all natural and totally safe for repeated use—even on children. Its active, essential oil ingredients are completely non-toxic to human users while nasty to bugs.

The 4 fluid ounce pump sprayer makes Bug Me Not easy to apply to both skin and clothing. A light spritz all over does the trick, so a bottle will last you and your family for many bug-free outings

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