Using Essential Oils in Laundry

There’s nothing like brightening up your laundry by using essential oils!  Essential oils add a fragrance to your clothes without the harmful side effects that synthetic fragrances have.  From adding fragrance, to killing bacteria and dust mites, essential oils are very useful for this mundane, never-ending task!  You can add 3-5 drops of your chosen oil in the softener compartment of the washer.  Some of the heavier oils are not good to use in the washer due to their tendency to cling to the clothes when they are washed, but are fine to use in the dryer.
For the wash, some delicious fragrances are: lemon, lavender and orange.  For a more exotic scent, use ylang-ylang or neroli.  Adding marjoram, chamomile or orange blossom to a load of sleep clothes help aid in insomnia.

Or, try these:

For a fresh scent:     For a floral scent:         For a romantic scent:
Lavender                               Geramium                                 Ylang-Ylang
Rosemary                             Palma Rosa                                        Rose
Bergamont                                Neroli                                           Jasmine
Pettigraine                          Bois de Rose                                     Vervaine 

To kill bacteria, dust mites and sick germs, add about 5 drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil to the wash.  I use these oils in my sheets and towels, and any other load I think needs it.

I like to buy my essential oils from Beeyoutiful.  The quality and price cannot be beat!


Hope you enjoy using pure essential oils in your laundry!  They are not expensive and last a long time!  They sure beat the synthetic fragrances that are in the average product.  Now synthetic fragrances are another story…I’ll have to cover that in the future!
All this talk about using lovely oils for the laundry makes me want to jump up and do several loads myself…well maybe not! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    I have used lavender essential oil on a wash cloth in the dryer hoping that my towels would smell like that and they never do. I have used up to 30 drops. Any ideas?

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    I read on another site that you should put it in the dryer on NO HEAT. The heat breaks down the scent, but if you dry your clothes first and then add the oil to a cloth and put it in there on a no heat cycle for about 10 minutes that it will make your clothes smell great. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Wow, I have always wanted to experiment with EO’s in the wash and I am excited to find your idea for putting them in the fabric softener area. I will give it a try!

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