The Remedy For Imbalanced Hormones

Here's the protocol I used for imbalanced hormones!

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So ladies – do any of you, like I did, see that you have hormones that have gone haywire?  Be sure that you have written down which category you fall in from the first post, What Are the Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance. 

I’m going to share with you the method I used to balance my hormones and the wonderful result I had!  

There are 3 herbs I took:

*Red Clover – Red Clover is used for treating menstrual cramps and menopause.  It has phytoestrogenic compounds that help to balance hormones.  These compound include: genistein, diadzen, formononetin and biochanin. 

*Fenugreek – Fenugreek contains diosgenin, a phytoestrogen that mimics the effects of estrogen in the body.

*Saw Palmetto  ~Saw Palmetto works to prevent testosterone from converting into DHT (dihydrotestosterone – a byproduct of testosterone).

Take note that you may experience mood swings, tiredness, water retention or early or late periods as your hormones balance, but this is only temporary. Any discomfort is worth the end result! I personally did not notice effects of my hormones balancing to be worth complaining about.

Here are a few different options in taking these herbs.

  1. Buy herbs in powdered form and place in capsules yourself by clicking the links below.

2. Buy herbs in capsules individually by clicking below.

I didn’t just take these herbs, though. For a week before I started the herbs, I applied 1/2 tsp. of progesterone USP cream to my inner thighs or wrist. Progesterone balances the effects of having too much estrogen. (You need this whether you have too much testosterone or estrogen) This prepares the body by preparing your receptors. Be sure to use this a week or two before you start the herbs.  And be certain that the progesterone is not synthetic and is USP.  

I also took evening primrose oil.  For many years, Europeans have used evening primrose oil to treat symptoms of PMS.  Evening Primrose Oil contains a fatty acid called gamma-linolenic acid, which helps the body balance the production of estrogen.  Recommended dosage is 3,000 mg a day.  The kind I bought has 1,300 mg, so I took 1 pill twice a day.  Click here to buy Evening Primrose Oil.


  • Try to take herbs on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.
  • Take them about every 8 hours so there is a continuous stream in your body.
  • Be sure to not drink anything carbonated a few hours before you take the herbs, as this will interfere with the effectiveness.  If you’re addicted to soda :), do your best.  These are recommendations to get the full effectiveness.
  • If you know fenugreek doesn’t agree with you, you may substitute it with fennel.
  • Other herbs that balance are fennel, wild yam, kudzu, licorice and hops.  Don’t use all of them, though.  That would overwhelm your body.  I used the 3 herbs that I listed above, as they are the top ones for hormonal balance, and I had great success.
  • Please don’t buy these at a local supermarket, be sure to buy from a company that produces products of quality.  Sadly, many companies add fillers into their product to make more money.  If you don’t have good quality, you won’t have the best results!  

Here's the protocol I used for imbalanced hormones!

The Remedy For Imbalanced Hormones

(If you’re too high in testosterone, you’ll take more saw palmetto than if you’re too high in estrogen)

Days 1 and 2:  Take one red clover pill 3 times a day. *It’s recommended to take 1,050-1,125 mg. a day – so split this amount by 3 pills.

Days 3 and 4:  Continue to take red clover and add fenugreek.  Take one capsule 3 times a day also. *Recommended amount for fenugreek is 1,800-1,860 mg. a day.

Days 5 and beyond: Continue the red clover and fenugreek 3 times a day, and add 1 pill of saw palmetto 3 times a day.

*Add two saw palmetto pills 3 times a day if you’re too high in testosterone.  *Recommended amount for saw palmetto is 1,620-1,800 mg. a day.

How long to do this?  I really don’t know!  I’ve read that some women take these herbs for 4 months or up to a year. These herbs have other healthy properties and can be taken on a daily basis.   

Each person has their own level of imbalanced hormones, so I recommend taking the herbs until at least your symptoms subside.

Let’s look at a few of the other healthy benefits of the 3 herbs I took:

  • Red Clover ~ relaxes nerves, fights cancer and purifies blood.
  • Fenugreek ~ helps allergies, digestion, ulcers, coughs and headaches.
  • Saw Palmetto ~ benefits all glandular tissue, helps reproductive organs, and helps the body get rid of excess mucus from the head, sinus and lungs.

What results did I have?  How do I know it worked for me?

Reagan – 8lbs. 1 oz. My beautiful 4th daughter was the wonderful result of balanced hormones!
In less than a month of starting this program, I was pregnant with her. 
You see, I fell into the category that has infertility as a symptom, and I knew from reading and researching that it was from imbalanced hormones. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stopped the program immediately.

*Caution – do not do this program while pregnant or nursing. I wish you the best success as you balance your hormones and live a better quality of life!


  1. says

    Thanks that was really helpful. I am on my fifth pregnancy and am really struggling with mood swings. I am about 30 weeks pregnant. Do you recommend anything that is safe?

  2. says

    Just found your blog and loving it! I think I fall into the high testosterone category… for one reason. I have acne at 25. I would do anything (and have done many things) to try and get rid of it. I did once. But now it’s back and due to hormones. I get dairy acne too, so I don’t eat any dairy. Would the saw palmetto work on its own? I’d love to hear more about this. Please write me if you get a chance at Thank you!

  3. says

    Thanks for posting these remedies. I am wondering about my hormones because my periods have been weird ever since I had a miscarriage a year ago. They come every month but they are very slow starting. I spot for several days (TMI?) and then my period finally comes. It’s really annoying. I also have acne (I’m 30). We’ve been trying for baby #3 for four months and this is the longest it’s taken. I’m wondering if this would help me?

  4. says

    Tania – I just now saw your comment! I don’t know how it slipped through the cracks. So sorry! Red raspberry and progesterone cream would be great and safe for your pregnancies to help with mood swings. The progesterone cream I recommend is the one found in this post – and the same website carries good red raspberry capsules also. Best wishes to you, Tania, and so sorry about the delayed response!

  5. says

    It sure would help, Crystal! I would also really recommend using the progesterone cream that I mentioned above in the post. Best wishes to you! I know what it’s like to want another baby for months with no luck. This program worked quickly for me! I know there are some other natural things you can try, but this is the only one I needed.

  6. says

    This has given me hope! I have a couple of questions.
    1) Do you only use progesterone cream for a week and then stop? Or do you continue throughout the process?
    2) What about the EPO? Do you only do that for the week prior or continue? I am going to buy all of this stuff. I have been so depressed and feel so ugly due to my acne, heavy periods, and inability to lose weight 🙁

  7. Caitlin says

    This is great, it really helped me. I have been battling acne that I think is due to hormones since nothing is working to get rid of it. I have a question though, I don’t want to get pregnant right now so Im taking birth control. Will this still be effective or will the BC mess it up?

    • says

      Hey, Caitlin! Birth control is a big culprit of messing up hormones and poor health in the long run. I do not recommend it, but the herbs will still be a help to you. You will be battling with health problems continuously while taking birth control, though. Thanks for the question! 🙂

  8. Anonymous says

    Hey there! Reading thru all of this then saw not while nursing. So I looked up the Female Reproductive Formula and it also says not while nursing. DO you know why? I saw a Female Tonic by Dr. C – not sure if it would do the same thing? (the list is a little different, but safe while nursing!) I am trying to get my body together after 4 kids and PCOS for 15 yrs or so. Thanks for your insight! Blessings! 🙂

  9. Anonymous says

    Are there alternatives you’d recommend? Just use the cream for now? It seems like everything i want to do stops because of nursing. (detoxes, cleanses, hormone balance, etc) Thanks again!

    • says

      I know how you feel! It has always been hard for me to not be able to cleanse and take care of certain health problems while pregnant and nursing. The day will come when you can 🙂
      Yes you can use the cream for now and also drink lots of red raspberry tea. We drink a red raspberry mixture {contains other healthy herbs} by the gallon.
      There may be other things safe to take for hormones, but this is what comes to mind. I’m planning to devote a whole month on pregnancy and breastfeeding sometime in the spring. I’ll be sure to research all the things safe to take and share it anything new I find!

  10. Anonymous says

    Thank you for your remedy! I had not had a period in almost a year but within one month of starting this I had a normal regular period and have continued to be regular with my menstrual cycles. My doctor had tried several different methods that did not work.

  11. says

    Hi there! Stumbled upon ur blog and feel I should give this a try. My testosterone level is high since 2010 and still trying to conceive after 4 years of marriage. Is it a necessity to use progesterone cream prior to consuming the herb capsules? I’m living in Malaysia. Just in case I can’t find any over the counter. Thanks for sharing this info Jill. Bless you.

    • says

      Some people are sensitive to certain herbs so you always want to watch for any reaction when trying a new herb. I personally have never found myself sensitive to anything I’ve taken. Your body will let you know if you don’t handle a certain herb well, just like a food allergy. Just watch for rashes, redness, swollen lip, etc. Reactions are rare and not life-threatening, in my opinion.

  12. says

    Hi my period use to normal like every 35 days but from last 2-3 months they are really irregular and i m trying to conceive but no luck. My doctor prescribed me progesterone to start my periods. Can i start taking those herbs while taking pregestetone or not.

    • says

      Hi, Kitty! I took herbs just fine at the same time as progesterone cream. Make sure you don’t synthetic progesterone, as it will lead to negative side effects. Natural progesterone is the only way to go, in my opinion! 🙂 Best wishes!

  13. says

    Thanks so much for the article…so looking forward to trying your regimen. I really appreciate the details of what you did in regards to dosages & even where to buy them. However, unless I just missed it, I didn’t see your recommendation on the fenugreek. Do you have a recommendation of where to get this herb as well? Thanks again for the helpful info!!

  14. Anonymous says

    Hey there. I was directed to your page by a mutual friend of ours. Very informative. I did have some questions. I have a daughter who just turned 17. She has been diagnosed with PCOS (right now she does not have the cystic ovaries) but some of her symptoms are weight gain specifically in the mid-section area, very high testosterone, thick hair growth in places that it should not, no menstrual cycles, body acne, etc. The endocrinologist has ruled out several more serious diseases/conditions. He has her on metformin, which makes her sick. Her cycle had came back after 7 months, but now has ceased again for going on the 4th month. What do you suggest? We are at our wits end…

  15. Anonymous says

    Hi there.
    I just read this and bought all the products, except bulk herbs.

    You have noted the recommended daily dosage, but when making pills yourself with the bulk herbs, how do you know what dosage you are taking?

    Thanks so much for your time, and for the fabulous article!

    • Anonymous says

      Got it, thank you!

      One more question? Did you continue to take the cream after the initial 1 week phase, or did you stop it, then just do the pills?

      I am on day 4 of the cream so am wondering if I should continue with it or not.

      Thank you again, you ROCK!

    • says

      Thanks, Jo! 🙂 You can take it after the initial week. Here is a quote from the Beeyoutiful website that I mention above as being my personal favorite cream:

      “For severe PMS or premenopause symptoms, start using the cream on approximately day 12, counting the first day of your last menstrual period as day 1; and continue to use it until day 26 or 27. The decrease in progesterone levels will trigger menstruation within a day or two. For minor symptoms, use the cream fewer days.”
      Hope this helps!

  16. says

    Thank you so much for these articles!! I get a massive headache the first day of my period every month, I always give in and take ibuprofen but I really don’t like to. when I talked to a lady about this she told me that it’s probably due to imbalanced hormones, I had never known this was such a common issue! I can’t wait to balance my hormones, but I am currently nursing, and even though he’s over a year old I’m not ready to stop. I drank bulk herb stores mamas brew while pregnant, so I can order more of that, but is it safe to use the cream also while nursing? Thanks so much for your help!

  17. Courtney says

    I am nursing and trying to get my hormones balanced. I take evening primrose oil. Is there anything else to help balance hormones that is safe while nursing? Do you have any thoughts on Vitex?

  18. Linda says

    Hi! Just came across your page while trying desperately to find a solution. I am a 44 year old mother of 4 girls and a homeschool mom also. Have had a terrible time losing weight for over a year. Finally went to a doc who believes in holistic approach. Had me tested, and I am very high in estrogen. My diet is very good, and I have a protein shake every morning with flax seed and mila seed and take a ton of supplements. Am also taking nystatin, as she found yeast in my system. Her only suggestion for the high estrogen was certain supplements. Have gained 6 pounds in the last few months – this while trying to lose 20 pounds from my original weight. I am so frustrated – also, my eczema is getting really bad on my hands again (has been gone for many years). I have a feeling this is all hormone related, but am afraid to take anything that will increase my estrogen as this is already high and I have a family history of breast cancer. Can’t seem to find things that say they will lower estrogen. Everything seems like it increases it. Also, I have been having a terrible time with dark chin hair. It seems like it grows back 10 seconds after I pluck it. I am worried its starting to look like stubble. Help!! What do you think would help me? I am so desperate – especially for help to lose weight.
    Thank you!

    • says

      Hi, Linda!

      Here are some things I have discovered that help balance hormones:
      I would keep a gallon of red raspberry tea in the fridge and drink several glasses a day.

      I think Dr. Christopher’s female formula is great for balancing hormones. It works so well. You may read about it here. This formula has great hormone balancing herbs.
      Also, I would look into a natural progesterone cream. I really like and have personally used Beeyoutiful Balance. You can read more about the suggested use for Beeyoutiful Balance here.
      You may also want to look into thyroid problems.
      Thanks for contacting me! Let me know if I can be of further help.

  19. Anonymous says

    Hi Jill, I just came across your blog as I was looking for help about balancing my hormones. You have an amazing blog. I have irregular periods, acne and hair on my chin. Will these herbs help reduce the hair?

  20. Tammy says

    My 15 y/o daughter is trying to wean off ProActiv which really worked for her, but she wants to avoid the harsh chemicals. Now she is really struggling with alot of acne. (she has been trying Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, an oil cleanse method, and honey/cinnamon mask).I wonder if there is a hormonal component, but not sure if I should try this with a teen? Any suggestions?

  21. says

    I just finished my 7 days pf progesterone cream and am starting with the supplements. I will let you know how it’s going in about a month.
    I hope to feel better, have less headaches, no more weight gain- weight loss would be even better! Feel clear headed again, that would be nice.

  22. bella says

    Hi Jill,

    The days when you incorporate the fenugreek and saw palmetto, can you combine the three pills and take 3 of them together? how do you take so many pills a day?

    • says

      Hi, Bella! I do take the 3 pills at the same time 3 times a day. Sometimes it can be wearisome to swallow so many pills, but the balanced hormones was worth it to me. 🙂

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