Causes of Hormonal Imbalance

Click here to read the first part of this little series: What Are The Symptoms of Hormonal Imbalance?
What causes our hormones to be out of balance?  What are the culprits?
1. The birth control pill – The pill contains progestins and progestogens, which are man-made, synthetic hormones, and they cause low progesterone levels.  These hormones are highly toxic to the body, and besides messing up our natural hormones, they can also cause miscarriages, migraines, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer and depression.
2. Hormone Replacement Therapy – Hormone therapy is used to ease the symptoms of menopause – but, once again, it contains synthetic progestins which causes confusion with our natural hormones, and they react with symptoms worse than menopause!  The side effects of taking this therapy can include: osteoporosis, blood clots, high blood pressure, vaginal bleeding, rash and acne, and weight gain. If you suffer from menopause, there are herbs and natural products to take instead!
3. Toxins – Unless you live somewhere besides earth, you come into contact with toxins on a daily basis!  Though they cannot all be avoided, there are some that can!  Let me list a few things that most of us come into contact with on a regular basis:
*Cleaning Products – you can make your own with safe ingredients, or buy “green” products that  don’t use the harsh, caustic chemicals.
*Laundry and dry-cleaning products – once again, make your own like I do, or buy a “green” alternative.
*Pesticides – research things you can use instead.
*Plastics – buy glass whenever possible, and never heat with plastic or use hot foods in them.
*Cosmetics – many cosmetics contain petrochemicals.  I had a bad reaction a few months ago when I used a regular cosmetic from Wal-Mart.  I highly recommend only using cosmetics that don’t contain harsh chemicals.
Petrochemicals found in many of the things listed above contain high levels of xeno-estrogens, which mimics the estrogen in your body.  They fill up the estrogen receptors so that the good estrogen can’t get through.  This throws our hormones off balance!
*Non-Organic Meats and Produce – Meat you buy that is non-organic are fed estrogen steroids to fatten them up and bring in more money for the company.  This causes our estrogen levels to be higher than they should be.  Non-organic produce is grown using pesticides, which contains dioxin.
*Stress – Wouldn’t we all like to have less stress in our lives? :)  Do your best to handle situations without piling stress on top!  It’s impossible to avoid stress completely in this world of imperfect people, but work on handling situations calmly and trusting God, and many times we can reduce the stress in our lives. 
Like I said, it’s impossible to avoid all toxins in our lives – it’s in the air and many things that surround us.  We can, however, reduce the amount of toxins we encounter – do what you can!
After discussing hormonal imbalance these past two days, do you think you may have an imbalance?  Synthetic hormones are not the answer!  Tomorrow I will conclude with:
The Remedy For Imbalanced Hormones (It worked for me!:))

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    Can’t wait until tomorrow! I do several things and want to see what you do! Great article and subject as most of the time we do or don’t do things out of lack of knowledge.

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    I have quit taking my normal perscribed medicine for my thyroid, and have started taking an Dr. Christophers herbal thyroid. I am also taking iodine drops. I have been on them for a month and after christmas I plan on going to my primary Dr. for a blood test just to see the results! I cant wait to give you an update! :)

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