Dangers of Cell Phones

European leaders have called for a ban of cell phones and WiFi in their schools after more evidence reveals the harmful effects on humans, and especially children.  

The radiation emitted from cell phones is, in a sense, microwaving our brains!  This radiation exposure can lead to cancer and brain tumors.  The link between cell phone use and brain tumors has been backed by 100 scientific studies.  

So what can we do to decrease the chances of our cell phones being an enemy?

  • Limit your use.  I know it’s a big money saver to not have a land line, but I highly recommend using a land line with a corded phone for long conversations.  I’ve read that cell phones begin doing their damage after 3 minutes of conversation.
  • Use a speaker phone if you’re on the phone longer than just a few minutes.
  • Keep cell phone a few feet away from your body when you’re not using it.  Cell phones still give off small amounts of radiation even when they are not being used.  If you hold your cell phone a few inches away, the electromagnetic field is reduced by 1/4, and it’s reduced 50 times at 3 feet away.  If you have to have your phone on you, make sure the back of it is faced away from you so that the radiation is moving away from your body.  Also make sure you don’t put your phone under your pillow when sleeping.
  • It’s safer to text message (and you also don’t get stuck talking to someone that doesn’t know the meaning of “I have to go”) ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Switch sides from ear to ear on a regular basis when talking.  This keeps the radiation from making as deep of a penetration. Do you have strange feelings in your ears after talking for a while on a cell phone, or burning on your leg if the phone is in your pocket?  That’s the electromagnetic field doing its work.
  • Choose a phone with the lowest SAR (Specific Absorption Rate).  The plain old phone I have has one of the lowest SARs.
  • Stay away from cell phones as much as possible if pregnant.  Cell phone radiation is very harmful to a developing baby.  I only talked on my phone a few times this last pregnancy.  I mostly texted or used the speaker phone.
  • You can put your phone on “off mode” when you’re not using it to turn off the electromagnetic field.
  • Never let children under 18 use a cell phone except for emergencies.  Children and teenagers have a smaller brain, softer brain tissue and a thinner skull, thus making them more susceptible to damage.  Below is a diagram showing how cell phone radiation affects children compared to adults:


Cell phones have only been widely used for a decade, so the true health risks have not been fully studied.  There is great concern that an epidemic of brain tumors could be on the rise.  

Be sure to begin making some of the above suggestions a habit, so you can enjoy a better quality of life!

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    Hi Jill…I have tried numerous times to post a comment but my computer won’t let me. I am going to try my iPad. Hopefully, it works. Thank you so much for posting my article on a healthy immune system! I tried to post a comment on earaches in children but couldn’t so I wrote a whole post on it hoping you would see it. It is at my blog if you are interested. I so agree with you on the dangers of cell phones. I have told my family the dangers of them for a long time!

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    Thank you, Lori! I’m just about to post again about earaches – my baby just had one. Good to hear from you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anonymous says

    Plus giving a cell phone to an adolescent only leads to trust issues – “I am at Trisha’s house” when she very well is at some other house that you certainly don’t want the answer as to whose house she is at !! Through the ability of our children having cell phones – if I didn’t dig into my adopted daughter’s life – I would have never found out she had sexual relations with 6 adult men when she was 16, and 1 adult male when she was 15 (go figure, the state of Wisconsin would not pursue charges), give your children cell phones – you are just asking for disaster !!! Go figure this – I put her through 8 years of Christian schooling – prior to High School !! As of this I am now divorced, because my wife wouldn’t believe me, when I told her what I found out !! We as kids didn’t need them, why do our children need them, if we are doing our jobs as parents ??

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