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Thrush is a form of a yeast infection in the mouth.  When there is an imbalance of good and bad bacteria present in the mouth, it can form.  Thrush looks like small white patches on the insides of cheeks, lips, on gums and the tongue.  It could be in a few places, or all over and can include painful blisters.  Don’t get it confused with milk patches in infants.  Milk patches come and go with feedings, but thrush hangs around for weeks.  You also can lightly scrape away a milk patch, but scratching a thrush area can cause it to bleed and will not come off easy.
Thrush is most common in those without a good immune system, like the elderly, or babies (because their immune system isn’t fully developed).  Too many antibiotics is a main cause for thrush.  I do all I can to help my family not take antibiotics when they are sick by using natural antibiotics and herbs.  If antibiotics are absolutely necessary for a serious situation, be sure to always take probiotics to replace the good bacteria that was killed by the antibiotics.  If you don’t you will run into health problems due to the imbalance of bacteria in your body.
How can you get rid of thrush?
When my 6 year old was a baby, she developed thrush and I didn’t want to use a prescription to get rid of it.  I found something that was much cheaper and took care of it a lot quicker.  The prescriptions can take a while to clear up the thrush, and sometimes our babies are so miserable that we need something that works fast!  I bought gentian violet.

Yes, this is the purple messy stuff that stains everything (even though there are ways to get it out).  What I did was put some on a Q-tip and swabbed her mouth, making sure I got all the areas where the thrush was.  It only takes a little bit.  With that one application, it was completely gone.  She did have a few teeth at the time (make SURE you don’t get this on the teeth), so I was very careful not to let the Q-tip touch them, and I did this with her lying down so it wouldn’t drool out.  Make sure you have something old under them, like a towel, and that they are not wearing good clothes(in case it drips).  If the baby doesn’t have teeth yet, you can put Vaseline on their lips to help their lips not get stained (though this isn’t permanent).  Using Gentian Violet also works great for adults.
I have a good friend whose little baby had thrush and blisters so bad in her mouth that she didn’t want to eat.  This caused her to lose weight and she had to go into the hospital and be fed by a tube.  When the baby came home, she still had horrible blisters, and the mom was told that if she lost weight again, she would have to be back in the hospital.  If this thrush didn’t clear up quickly, there was a good chance the baby would have to go back.  My friend used this gentian violet, and one application cleared her baby’s mouth, and the baby was able to nurse for the first time in a week.  My friend said that this remedy did in one day what it took the prescription for thrush a week to do.
Some may think this messy liquid isn’t worth the trouble, but getting rid of the thrush with one application was worth it to us!
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