Health Benefits of Mulberries

We all know the nursery rhyme “Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush” – It’s one of those singing games that children learn at some point in their life.  Instead of just skipping around the mulberries, be sure to grab a handful – they are very healthy!
Here’s some health benefits:
*Cancer prevention
*Strengthens kidneys
*Cleanses liver
*Cleanses the blood
*Improves hearing and vision
*High in vitamin C
*Treats anemia
*Remedy for prematurely graying hair

Do you have mulberries growing in your yard?  The 2 most common type of mulberry trees are the red mulberry and the white mulberry.  It’s easy to not realize the things growing on our land and let it go to waste, that we could be adding to our diet to improve health.  We have 3 red mulberry trees in our yard.

Here’s a smaller mulberry tree in our yard~
And here is a very large mulberry tree down by the woods~
The leaves have toothed edges~
These are the red berries that are not yet ripe~
This is a ripe “red” mulberry that is dark purple/black~
My girls enjoy picking mulberries themselves on an regular basis – they are tasty!

Maybe you have mulberry trees in your yard that you can take advantage of – or you can always grow some.  I’ve heard that they grow very easily and begin producing fruit as a small bush.  What an easy way to add more nutrition to our diets!

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