Do Babies Need Vitamins?

Just like adults, babies need proper nutrition to be healthy, and it’s hard to get all the nutrition they need when they reach 6 months of age and begin to eat table food.  Many times, the food in our day lacks all of the nutrients that it needs because of poor soil or growing conditions.  It’s smart to supplement their diet with extra vitamins and minerals – studies have shown that lack of proper nutrients could cause learning or attention problems. I would not give any vitamins to babies before 6 months, and only about 1/8 – 1/4 a serving at that age.
You can crush a good children’s vitamin like… ~

…and feed half of the well crushed vitamin to your baby…
or, a good liquid vitamin that I highly recommend the most and enjoy is SuperKids.

My children really enjoy this liquid multi-vitamin, and it’s easy to give to babies!  I would give about 1/4 to 1/2 a serving to a baby.  This bottle contains 90 servings for children, and would last several months longer for a baby ~ it’s a great value!
My favorite things about this multivitamin~

*No Synthetic Dyes
*No Sugar
*Derived from real foods!
*Sweetened with natural xylitol
*”Is chock-full of antioxidants like vitamins C and E, bioflavanoids, lycopene, and other carotenes that wage war against the free radicals (that are) assaulting your child’s body every time they eat processed food or breathe polluted air.” (quoted from their website)
*Contains aloe vera for digestion
*The liquid formula makes the body able to absorb the nutrients easily
*My girls love the taste!
*SuperKids is created by a reputable, Christian family!  I like knowing that the money I’m spending is worth every penny.
Let me know how your kids like it!  (If you have an extra picky child, you can always hide the liquid vitamin in yogurt ;))

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