How To Can Peaches

I bought some yummy peaches a while back and canned them, and now my family has a few jars of peaches with a delicious flavor that far exceeds the cans from the store.  They are so much healthier, too!  You may think that canning food is difficult and intimidating, but it’s really quite easy!  Some things can be time-consuming, but peaches are one of the easier things to do. 

Wash the peaches 

Place them in the sink and pour boiling water over them.  You can let them sit in the boiling water until the skins come off easy with a knife, or a better way is to let them sit for about 60 seconds in the boiling water and then place them in a bowl of ice water – the skin slip off easily this way without a knife. You now want to peel and cut up the peaches.
  The next thing is to mix the sugar syrup.  Below is a guide for this syrup, whether you want light, medium or heavy syrup.
Syrup Sugar Water Yield
Light 2 cups 6 cups 7 cups
Medium 3 cups 6 cups 6 1/2 cups
Heavy 4 cups 6 cups 7 cups

Slowly add sugar to the heating water.  Keep this mixture hot, but not boiling.
Make sure you get your jars ready.  Check the edge of each jar to be sure there are no cracks or nicks.  The jars won’t seal if there are any.

You can sanitize them in the dishwasher, or pour boiling water over them and leave them for 10 minutes.
Also, place the lids in simmering water for about 5 minutes.  When canning, you want everything hotHot peaches, hot liquid, hot jars, hot lids.  While the lids are simmering, place the peaches and the sugar syrup together and simmer for 5 minutes.
Spoon peaches into the jars and cover with the sugar solution that you just cooked with the peaches.  I put the peaches in first because pouring the fruit and liquid at the same time will give you too much liquid and not a whole lot of peach!
Wipe the rims of the jars off.  If there are any juices or food particles, the jars won’t seal.
Put the lids and rings on and place in a canner.  Process for 10 minutes at 5 lbs. of pressure.
Leave sitting for 24 hours while the lids seal.  You now have peaches to enjoy in the months ahead that will bring back the tastes of summer!  Yummy!

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