How To Wean Yourself Off Of Caffeine


Many people find themselves with an addiction to caffeine, primarily through soda or coffee, and they depend on it to get them through the day.  

Too much caffeine, however, can have negative effects like nervousness, insomnia, stomach problems, fast heartbeat, muscle tremors, and irritability.  

We’re all going to have some caffeine in our diets, but we don’t want our bodies to have a melt-down without it – that just isn’t healthy!  

You know that you’re “addicted” to caffeine in an unhealthy way when you just have to have it to get you through the day, and you experience headaches when you don’t have it.  

Many people find themselves wanting to cut back on soda or coffee, but can’t live with the headaches as they try to wean themselves.

There is a natural way to help you cut your caffeine addiction without the headaches and withdrawals!

Take 400 mg of vitamin B5,  3 times a day, and begin reducing your coffee or soda intake by 25% each day.  

This should take 4 days to a week to wean yourself – and any time that you feel a headache coming on after that from a caffeine withdrawal, just take another pill!  

My personal recommendation is to get your body used to drinking more herbal teas – you can drink them hot or cold.  Drinking coffee on occasion is fine, but adding more herbal teas to your diet will improve your health!

You may think “I can’t stand the taste of teas”. Well, our bodies enjoy foods and drinks that we train them to like.  Slowly make a change and add the healthy stuff to your diet and you will find that your body will actually crave it and the unhealthy things will not taste as good.

Click here to read how to make tea from loose herbs.  Many herbs can be drunk as freely as water and they have great health benefits!  There are numerous herbal combinations that you can do to make healthy teas.  I enjoy throwing herbs together to create teas for my family’s needs.  

Right now I have a gallon jar of tea in the fridge with bilberry and alfalfa combined.  Many times I add green tea to this mixture also.  Bilberry is great for improving eyesight, circulation and varicose veins.  Alfalfa is fed to horses to give them strength and endurance.  It’s funny that many times animals are given healthy herbs and supplements to live a better quality of life and to perform better for their daily tasks, but we try to survive on junk food! (Find organic bilberry here.)

Alfalfa is extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, has 8 essential amino acids, and the highest chlorophyll content of any plant.  (Buy organic alfalfa here.)

Green tea is great to help fight cancer and prevent cavities.  This is just a brief overview of these 3 plants – there are other things these plants are used for, and there are many other herbs out there with amazing health properties! (Choose from organic green tea, Organic Jasmine Green Tea, and Pomegranate Flavored Green Tea.)

Do you have a caffeine addiction?  Have you ever tried to wean yourself? Let me know how this vitamin B5 helps you!

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  1. says

    Thank you, Jill! This was exactly the help I needed today as I am on day 2 of no caffeine/sugar. It sounds like I probably should have weaned myself rather than going cold turkey but I hate to cave now that I’ve already tortured myself. I will use the B-5 and pray it helps!!

  2. Sarah says

    Question. I work nights and I really need help staying awake. Right now, it’s coffee that’s helping me out. What else could I eat/drink that would help me stay up?

  3. Anonymous says

    I went cold turkey also taking the B5 as needed, took 8 days and haven’t had a headache since. Still taking the B5 everyday with my multivitamin. Thank you for your blog 🙂

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