Natural Remedies For Rosacea

Rosacea is a facial skin disorder that is most often distinguished by redness on the forehead, cheeks, nose and/or chin.  This condition is more common with women who are fair-skinned, but can be found among any skin color tone, and affects men also.
There are different theories of the causes of rosacea, but  there doesn’t seem to be any definite conclusions, though many times outward conditions are caused by inward problems.  I’m going to discuss some outward and inward remedies that will help you on a path to clear skin, if you do suffer from this condition.  Both outward and inward remedies are recommended for the best results.

Outward Remedies
 Note:  These remedies have to be used consistently for 4-6 weeks to see results.

*Wash face with baby shampoo (I highly recommend getting a kind that does not contain the toxic ingredient Quaternium-15, which is a form of cancer-causing formaldehyde.), and then wash with a dead sea salt body scrub.  The scrub below has been used with success for rosacea.

*I’ve read there being success using Caroline’s Cream for rosacea.  Here’s a link to purchase this natural product ~
*Using green tea cream twice a day

Inward Remedies
Great success has also been seen by changing eating and lifestyle habits that take care of the inward problems that can cause rosacea.  Most outward conditions are caused by an inward problem!
*Exercise regularly – most of us underestimate the power of exercising for good health, and to heal poor health conditions, but it’s SO important!!!
*Limit sugar and grain intake – what we put in our mouths greatly determines what health issues we’ll deal with!  I’m guilty here too – it’s a conscious decision we have to make to change our diet because we want better health!  Be sure foods like sugar, bread, pasta, rice, corn and potatoes are limited.
*Control stress
*Eliminate processed and trans fat foods

I do not recommend taking an antibiotic or other drugs for this condition, as that will only cause more health problems in the long run.  Click here to read my health story of how I suffered for years from taking too many antibiotics.  Following the suggested remedies above will not only clear rosacea, but will also benefit your health in many other ways!
Let me know how these remedies work for you!

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