Be An Ingredient Reader: MSG

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is one of the top ingredients I do my best to avoid.  MSG is used as a flavoring in many, many foods.  I am always looking for it in the things I buy and eat.  You will normally find it on a food label as monosodium glutamate. 
Why is it so bad?
*Can cause headaches and migraines
*It affects brain cells
*It is an addictive substance, causing you to crave the foods that contain it (hmmm…how convenient for the makers of the products)
*It triples the amount of insulin the pancreas creates, causing obesity
*It is an excitotoxin, which contributes to neurodegenerative diseases, which includes:
Alzheimer’s disease (AD)
Parkinson’s disease (PD)
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Spinal cord injury (SCI)

There are food additives that contain MSG, which should be watched for~
These are said to always contain MSG:
Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
Hydrolyzed Protein
Hydrolyzed Plant Protein
Plant Protein Extract
Sodium Caseinate
Calcium Caseinate
Yeast Extract
Textured Protein (Including TVP)
Autolyzed Yeast
Hydrolyzed Oat Flour
Corn Oil
 Food Additives That FREQUENTLY Contain MSG
Malt Extract
Malt Flavoring
Food Additives That MAY Contain MSG Or Excitotoxins
Soy Protein Concentrate
Soy Protein Isolate
Whey Protein Concentrate
Whew!  There are lots of products that contain these ingredients!  You want to especially watch for MSG in chips, soups, frozen dinners, seasonings, bouillon, all snack foods – I’ve just learned to constantly read the labels! 

I wish I could ignore the fact that the FDA actually allows an ingredient so harmful to be in our foods.  But ignoring the facts won’t keep me from being harmed by the products that contain it!



  Pssst…Most fast food and sit-down restaurants use MSG also unless they advertise that they are MSG-Free.   MSG is mainly in breading on the meat and in sauces – it just depends on the restaurant.   Visit this site to read some of the foods that contain this ingredient.
It may seem impossible to avoid MSG, but I do the best I can.  I do enjoy occasional meals at a restaurant with my husband, and find it convenient at times to go through a drive-thru when I’m out for a long day, but I do my best to make it only occasional.  MSG is a food additive that can lead to health problems and disease, and unfortunately the makers and users of it care more about making money than the effects it has on our health.
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    I knew MSG was bad for you, but I didn’t realize it was *this* bad! I found this article extremely helpful…I’ll definitely be paying a closer attention to food labels from now on. One more good reason to cook from scratch, I guess!

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    After years of suffering loose stool and painful bowel movements we finally discovered that my husband is sensitive to MSG. We do all we can to avoid it in the food we eat. My mom gets migraines if she eats MSG. It amazes me what our government allows. My husbands issues combined with my daughters sensitivity to corn and forced me to learn to be a better homemaker. And I am better for it.

  3. says

    Yes, Jacinda! From scratch is always best! 🙂 I’m still learning to make more things homemade and not rely on the boxed stuff as much – it’s a slow switch over. Glad the info could be of help!

    BeckyJo, I’m so glad you discovered MSG as being the root problem. So many suffer from health problems that come from the ingredients in what they eat – including me!

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