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Today I want to share a board game that my girls and I enjoy that helps us become more familiar with herbal remedies.  I especially decided to share it now because it’s on sale – almost 50% off!

 Wildcraft is an herbal adventure game that teaches about edible and medicinal plants.  It helps you become more familiar with plants to use for different ailments (hungry, headache, bee sting, cut, etc.)

It features 26 different plants

And 52 trouble cards
As you take a journey up the mountain to collect berries for Grandma’s huckleberry pie, you encounter “troubles” and have to identify one of the herbal plants to help fix the problem.  This game does not tell you how to use the plants for your problem, but helps you become familiar with which plant you can use for each situation.  To gain more knowledge, it would be helpful to have other books handy to explain how to use the plants for the problem like in a poultice, eating it, etc.  My girls and I really enjoy playing this game and finding a remedy for our situations!
When purchasing this deal by Friday, you get some awesome bonuses that you will love!!  I’ve also received these bonuses and find them awesome and beneficial!!!
Bonus #1 Herbal Medicine Chest Chart
Bonus #2 Herbs for Children During Cold & Flu Season
Video Class
Bonus #3 My Forest Kids: Dandelion Activity Book 
Bonus #4 Pearl’s Herbal Adventure: A customizable children’s book!
Bonus #5  Herbal Gifts eBook
Bonus #6  Mentoring Kids & Nature Connection, with Jon Young
Bonus #7 Herbal Roots Zine: Full Issue!
They also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee ~ if you are not satisfied with the game, they will refund your money and let you keep the game! 
*Click here for more information about Wildcraft and more details about the bonuses*
Also, remember that Vision Forum has up to 50% off through December 2nd! 
 Enjoy these December savings! ๐Ÿ™‚

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