How To Cleanse Your Body Of Heavy Metals

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 Heavy metals are another kind of pollutant that we are exposed to regularly that invades and harms the body.  The most common harmful metals we carry in our body are:
Sources of lead include water, newspaper, colored advertisement, air pollution

Sources include cigarettes, air pollution, art supplies

Sources include vaccinations, deodorant, foil, cookware, antacids, baking powder
Be sure that you never cook with aluminum, and buy aluminum-free baking powder.
Sources include vaccinations, silver fillings (only use white fillings for dental work), fish, fluorescent lights, air pollution

Dental work, hair spray, cosmetics

These heavy metals tend to store themselves in our soft tissue and bones.  They can cause cancer, skin disorders, autoimmune problems, heart disease, alzheimer’s, parkinsons.
It is basically impossible that everyone living in a civilized environment doesn’t carry around heavy metals.  Signs that we have heavy metals can include depression, forgetfulness, mood swings, high or low blood pressure, easily tired, loss of smell, sensitive to light, and problems with immune system.

A great and easy way to cleanse these harmful metals from our bodies is with herbs that draw and expel them.  The Bulk Herb Store has put together an herbal combination that will do the job!  And it’s on sale until January 31st!

Regular price: $14.95
This kit contains bentonite clay powder, apple fruit pectin, flax seed, psyllium seed, slippery elm bark powder, marshmallow root powder, bilberry fruit powder, peppermint leaf powder, activated charcoal powder.
These herbs combined together will do an excellent job of drawing and expelling the metals.

Directions from The Bulk Herb Store:

“First Week:
Start with 1 Tbls. Detox+ in 8 oz. or more of water or juice once a day.
Second Week:
Add more after first week. Work up to 2 Tbls. a day.
I took it for over a month, about 4 to 6 weeks.
Remember to take fiber with the bentonite clay and/or Detox+. I (Shoshanna) took 1 Tbls. fiber from Melaleuca called FiberWise. I mixed my Detox+ with the fiber and drank it in the morning before breakfast. You can use any fiber you want to, so do not feel like you have to use what I did, but if you choose to, you can get it at You can also find fiber at Wal-Mart or a health store.
You will not need to take bentonite clay and Detox+ together. Take one or the other.
Detox+ should not be used during pregnancy or nursing.
Detox+ (which contains activated charcoal) will more than likely conflict with medication(s). If you are on medications, it is suggested to have a doctor or medical professional oversee your consumption of Detox+, especially in the case of strong medications. The same goes for vitamins and supplements.”

Cleansing your body of heavy metals is another step on the road to vibrant health.

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    my mom had several ‘silver’ fillings put in her teeth when she was younger and she will tell you that she truly lost her mind. she has a chunk [years] of time that are gone from her memory. she has since had all of her fillings replaced has been routinely detoxing [not sure what she is using] for about 2 years now and is still suffering some effects-

    in her research she also found that there may be evidence that this poisoning is directly related to the rise in the numbers that succumb to Alzheimers.

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    I have to tell you, my husband laughed out loud at me when I told him about the worming. He has looked funny at me as I’ve told him of all the uses for ACV. But he barely flinched when I told him about this post! I think he’s coming along. We will get some tax money here in the next two weeks and we are compiling a list of your suggestions to purchase! “)

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    Haha, Kasey! I can totally relate. I think my dear husband has given up on me ever being “normal!”

    We are putting all we can to pay off my husband’s student loan. We are so close. LIke Kasey, I’m compiling a list of “things I really want to purchase” once we’re done! Gonna have to add this to the list. ๐Ÿ™‚

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