Uses For the Dandelion

Most people think of the humble dandelion flower as being a nuisance, a reason to get out the weed control and spray the entire yard.  In our society, people tend to think that dandelions scattering the lawn means an unmanicured lawn.  Little do those same people know just exactly how beneficial this “drab” flower really is, and how greatly it can benefit our health!  
Dandelions are hardy plants, growing in dry soil and adapting to areas that are difficult to grow plants in.  They are also smart little flowers!  Ever notice that dandelions pop up shortly after the lawn is mowed?  These flowers know to grow back shorter the next time so the lawn mower blades don’t reach them.  How amazing is that?   
Instead of getting frustrated with their persistence, let’s discover their benefits and enjoy them! ๐Ÿ™‚
The entire dandelion plant can be used…..  
Join me at A Mother’s Heritage to find out the ways you can use the dandelion!


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    My mother loves Dandelion Root tea and anything with dandelion in it. I’m a bit of the opinion that it tasted like peanut butter, but it’s a taste that could grow on you, knowing how good it is for you!

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    I like the benefits, however, they hurt my children when they are playing in the yard. Is there a way to keep them back a little? I don’t mind a few, but they are taking over everything, my garden, grass, everything!

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      I honestly don’t know a way to keep them back – my only solution is the have the children help you harvest them and dry them. You could add them to your family’s regular diet for great health! ๐Ÿ™‚

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