10 Signs You May Suffer From A Damaged Liver

The liver is a very vital organ. It’s not one of those organs that our bodies can live without, and it’s very important to keep it healthy!  The liver produces bile for the break down of fats, filters harmful substances from the blood that we consume on a regular basis, stores vitamins and minerals, converts sugars, matures red blood cells.  

A few years ago, through a live-blood analysis, I discovered I had a damaged liver.  It surprised me when the lady performing the analysis was able to tell me how I’d been feeling without me telling her, based on the condition of my liver!  My liver damage is due to my ignorance in taking medications long-term {I didn’t know better then}.  There are different severities of a damaged liver; from headaches to yellow tinted skin and eyes.  I would dare to say that most people suffer from some level of a damaged liver, due to the over use of medication and the toxins in our environment and food.

Causes of a damaged liver:

  • Environmental Toxins
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Medications – many, many medications have a side effect of liver damage {including tylenol- don’t be so quick to give tylenol to your children like most moms are}.
  • Chemicals and additives in food {i.e. high fructose corn syrup damages the liver}

Symptoms of a damaged liver:

  • Abdominal tenderness {liver is inflamed and maybe enlarged} 
  • Hormones levels are unstable
  • Dry, itchy skin
  • Fatigue 
  • Acne
  • Irritability
  • Body Odor
  • Headaches
  • Short of breath and/or heavy feeling on chest 
  • Yellow tint to skin and eyes {this is a symptom of a more severe case}

Are there remedies for a damaged liver?  Yes!  I am currently taking a tincture that I made myself!  Read my post on How To Cleanse and Heal the Liver!

Do you think you suffer from a damaged liver?

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  1. says

    I went searching for this today and had no idea it had been so long since I saw this! I was talking about it with my husband last night and we are going to start this very soon.
    So once I make the tincture it needs to sit for a few Weeks then I strain out the herbs and can start taking the supplement?
    Thanx for this valuable info!

    • says

      Yes, Charity, you let the tincture sit 2-6 weeks {I normally do 4 weeks with alcohol tinctures}. Make sure to shake it once a day or at least 3-4 times a week. I have been taking this tincture for almost a year and I can tell such a difference! I’ll have to write up a post on how it has helped me! – Shoshanna has come up with an AMAZING liver healer!
      Good to hear from you!:)

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