Easy Recipe For Flu Tea

Are you as confused as me at all the hype about flu shots? Not too long ago when I was a kid {I’m not all that old yet ;)}, if you contracted the flu, you were miserable for a while and then got over it. Now I scratch my head in confusion at the pressure put on everyone to get a “flu shot”, especially considering that the possible side effects of the vaccine are worse than getting the flu itself, and the flu vaccine has never been proven to be effective.

What does make sense to me is the fact that no one wants to contract an illness that puts life on hold for a while, and that can also become dangerous for certain people. The good news is that you can help prevent the flu naturally with no harmful side effects! You can also lessen the duration of the flu if you do come down with it! One good way of helping to prevent the flu is by making flu tea!

Join me at Modern Alternative Health for the recipe!

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    I agree that it isn’t fun to get sick, so do everything in your power to avoid.

    And … when was the last time the flu killed any, somewhat healthy, person between the ages of 10 & 75?

    No shot for me … thanks for the tea recipe.

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    Jill, You logic is sound! I’ve felt and thought the same thing! I have a post upcoming later this month with a similar reasoning…I am praying many will take your words to heart and save themselves a lot of grief. I appreciate you and your wonderful, informative blog.

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    I think the reason there are so many ‘super bugs’ now is that people don’t develop immunities because no one remembers how to ‘get dirty’.

    I will definitely head over and check out your flu tea. I haven’t had the shot since I got out of the military – where they make you get it every year.

    Happy Friday and a blessed weekend to you. ♥

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    Visiting from Deep Roots At Home. I’d never heard of flu tea, but I’m not a fan of shots.
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom.
    Peace and good to you.

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