Mountain Meadow Herbs Herbal Formula Giveaway {10 Winners!!}

I am very pleased to introduce you to our newest sponsor, Mountain Meadow Herbs!

Mountain Meadow Herbs makes liquid herbal extracts that are up to 70% more effective!  It was founded in 2001 by Kathy Garber {scientist/researcher}, who was determined to find a way to save her young son from dialysis.

Mountain Meadow Herbs has a GMP certified and FDA inspected facility nestled in the Montana valley. Their company is committed to creating effective formulas that deliver results.  Fresh, pure herbal extracts are made daily, and are combined to make more than 40 different formulas that target specific health conditions.

I’m currently giving Olive Leaf Liquid Extract from Mountain Meadow Herbs to my 2 youngest girls.  Olive Leaf is safe for babies, children and people of all ages!  It is a gentle cleanse, natural antibiotic and antioxidant.  It helps heal and prevent many diseases.  It is very important to me to know that I am partnered with a company I can trust, and who will deliver only the best, purest products that give me results!   I have found such a company in Mountain Meadow Herbs!

Mountain Meadow Herbs produces herbs for men, herbs for women, herbs for children and general health.  They have herbal combinations, single herbs and herbal glycerites {which are alcohol-free}.

Mountain Meadow Herbs is giving away a 2 oz. herbal formula to 10 of my readers!  
Yes, that’s right – we will have ten winners in this giveaway!  
How awesome is that?  
Each winner will get to choose one of 3 formulas:

Let me share the formula descriptions taken from the Mountain Meadow Herbs website:

Herbal Respiratory:
“A unique combination of the herbs traditionally used to naturally cleanse and support a healthy respiratory system. Maintains open, unrestricted airways and is considered safe for infants. It can be taken by adults with Winter Immune-Booster, or by expecting/nursing mothers and infants along with Infant Immune-Booster.”

Herbal Calcium:
Did you know a type of calcium your body cannot use can increase your discomfort and may actually cause damage? The mineral calcium on its own does very little to restore bone and joint integrity, it must be taken with its best friends magnesium and silicon from plant and food sources your body can assimilate or use. Silicon is now being recognized as very important in maintaining strong healthy joints and bones. Oatstraw was found by researcher Mark Pederson to be the best magnesium source.  Herbal Calcium has contained these herbs since its creation.

Weight Control Formula
Your ideal weight is ATTAINABLE!
We are very pleased and excited to provide an effective and safe herbal formula to support weight control!  Reach your ideal weight with fast acting herbal extracts to curb your appetite and support your thyroid!”

Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win one of these three formulas!
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  1. says

    I’d be anxious to try the Olive Leaf Extract. I have tried three brands of this and I was surprised how much of a difference there was in the products. Great giveaway!

  2. says

    because of my seizure medication my body gets depleted of calcium pretty easily so I would like to try the herbal calcium. Thank you for the giveaway. Have a great holiday season!

  3. says

    I would love the calcium formula for my son. He is growing so fast that his chiropractor recommended that he take a calcium supplement. However, he just got braces and can no longer chew them. This would be perfect!

  4. Rachel says

    I would love to try the weight control since I have had some thyroid issue recently as well as weight gain because of it.

  5. Anonymous says

    Ooooh, I would love to try the weight loss formula. I did use their gentle birth tincture for this last birth, and it was AMAZING!! I highly recommend it :).


  6. says

    would love to try some of the soaps….especially the cedarwood & olive leaf also, would like to get some of the milk thistle capsules for my mom…

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