2 Naturally Effective Cough Remedies

 There’s nothing a mama hates more than hearing one of her children cough on and on all night long. 🙁  If the children are miserable, mommy is miserable.  We want something to ease their coughing and bring some relief.

Since I began using the two remedies listed below for coughs, I have not had the pain of watching my children cough on and on.  At the slightest sign of a cough, I administer one or both of these remedies.  It’s important with any sickness to hit it hard immediately before it gets the upperhand.  One secret of doctoring your family from home is to stay ahead of the sickness by fighting the germs with good, God-given foods and herbs.

With coughs, it’s important to choose remedies that will expel mucus, calm spasms and heal the lungs.  While I do always pull out the immune boosters with any sickness, many times they alone won’t stop a cough {depending on the cause of the cough}.  I have seen moms give their children healthy immune boosters and be exasperated that the cough won’t go away.  Yes, give the immune boosters, but add a remedy or two to target the cough and stop it in its tracks. 

 Join me at Little Natural Cottage, where I am contributing today, to see my favorite cough remedies!

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