Cold/Flu & Stomach Kits – Get a FREE Berrywell and Tummy Tuneup!

Beeyoutiful {one of my favorite companies} is giving a 
FREE Berry Well with their Cold/Flu Kit, 
and a FREE Tummy Tuneup with their Stomach Kit!

 If you are concerned about staying well this cold/flu season, Beeyoutiful has an amazing kit to aid you this winter!

 The Cold/Flu Kit contains:
    – Bee Immune – its antioxidants are combined with flavonoids to create a nearly unbeatable sickness-fighting team.
    – Ultra Immune – designed to support healthy immune function
    – Odorless Garlic – powerful immune boosting and antibacterial punch
    – Winter Breeze – massage on soles of feet, back and chest to relieve congestion or coughing
    – Cod Liver Oil – high in vitamin D and A for times of sickness
    Rosemary Essential Oil – amazing tool to fight sinus or lung infection.
    – Gypsy Cold Care Tea   relieves misery from colds
    –Berry Well  – included FREE! {Berry Well is an excellent elderberry syrup with more immune boosters added!}

For everyday stomach aches, digestion problems or a yucky stomach from a virus or flu, Beeyoutiful has also put together an amazing kit to calm the stomach and kiss those tummy troubles goodbye!

This Stomach Kit contains:  

    Eucalyptus Bath Salts – incredibly soothing, healing and rehydrating
    – Grapefruit Seed Extract – effective against bacterial problems
    – Activated Charcoal (125 Capsules) – incredibly fast acting for virtually every stomach problem
    – Peppermint Essential Oil – relieves nausea
    – Ginger Essential Oil  –soothing to the digestive tract
    – Digestive Enzymes – helps sluggish or traumatized digestive systems get a jump start!
    – Ginger Tea  incredibly soothing to tummies

    – Tummy Tuneup – included FREE! I love this probiotic!Calm the stomach storms!, 8 Strains of probiotics & 4 Billion potency, promotes healthy probiotic balance in the intestines.

This free offer ends January 31st, 2013

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    We use ginger to naturally treat headaches too!! And eucalyptus we use to clear stuffy noses by putting a little bit of the oil near the nasal passages. Clears ya right up! 🙂 Blessings!

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