3 Food Additives to Avoid Like the Plague


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Most people get pretty overwhelmed trying to change their diets, especially if they are used to eating whatever sounds good without thought of what’s in what they are eating. 

 A big reason many people do not think they can eat healthy is because of cost or being overwhelmed at the thought of trying to overhaul their diet.  There is a lot of information out there stating the hundreds of products that are not a healthy choice, and that can be too much for some people to jump in head first and change everything right away.  I encourage people to start somewhere.  

A simple way is to start becoming a label reader.  Know what is in your food and how it affects your health. 

 I well remember the days when I gave no thought to my food and what it contained.  I assumed all food companies would only use ingredients that were safe and with my best interest in mind.  

About 12 years ago I found out I was wrong! I’ll share 3 food ingredients that I first started removing from my diet.  I believe this is a first, simple step to improving your health for the better!

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