Turning your Power On {Chiropractic Care for Families}

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Written by Rachel of day2day joys

For you to be able to turn your car on, you must have gas in the tank, for you to turn on a light in your room, you must have a light bulb, for you to even use your iPhone or laptop to read this now, the power has to be turned on and your device must be charged.

And to turn things on correctly, you have to take care of them because if you don’t, eventually they will break or run out of power.

Well, your body, namely your spine isn’t any different. But the majority of people do not know this concept.

What does that mean to turn your power on anyway? Please hop on over to Rachel’s blog to read the rest! 

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    Chiropractors are wonderful. IF it was not for Chiropractors, I would be in a wheel chair from 2 different car accidents. I praise God for Chiropractors.

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