Almost Launch Day!

I have contributed to a collaborative book that I am passionate about and now everyone who buys the book can become empowered! 

 Here are some more author highlights for the book 

Trust Your Intuition: 25 Natural Medicine Confessions”. 

Sara Shay is a full-time mama to three beautiful, sweet & mischievous blessings. And wife of eight years to a man with an amazing heart for working with the youth. She is a Homemaker, gardener, chicken-raiser, doula, and an adjunct & Theatre Tech at a Christian University. Using God as her foundation, she writes about family, food, marriage, children, miscarriage, and pregnancy on her blog— Writing helps her hash out a balance between health and reality in the modern world. THRIVING is the goal, not merely surviving life on earth. She talks about how to deal with fevers and how not to be afraid of them.

Are you afraid of your children coming home with head lice? Kelly Moeggenborg talks about how she dealt with them naturally. Kelly had a “food transformation” when she discovered the Weston A. Price Foundation in 2004 after a long-time love affair with convenience foods. She began passionately researching how to eat and live better, and on January 1st, 2008 the ‘politically incorrect’ Kelly the Kitchen Kop blog was born. She now enjoys helping others with the knowledge she has gained from her own family’s transition to Real Food. In addition to blogging, she also teaches an online class called, ‘Real Food for Rookies’, and helps individuals become healthier through one-on-one phone or in-person consultations. Kelly lives near Grand Rapids, Michigan with her husband of 25 years and is a Weston Price local co-chapter leader. As if life wasn’t crazy enough, she also now home schools three of their children, and the fourth is in college.

Jill Winger is a lover of Jesus, horses, homespun living, milk cows, natural remedies, and the rural way of life. She lives with her husband, daughter, and son on a 67-acre Wyoming homestead that they share with a variety of farm animals. In her spare time, you’ll find her writing on her blog, playing with essential oils, painting old furniture, pulling weeds, and hanging laundry on the clothesline. Jill’s chapter talks about how she went from being intimidated by natural medicine to being empowered by it.

Launch Gifts-some These women have so much knowledge and I am so grateful to them for being willing to share their knowledge with us.

 Remember that the book launch is TOMORROW! 

There are so many wonderful free gifts if you buy the book this day!

Visit the website HERE!
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