Making Homeschool Fun!

The following is an excerpt from my chapter Making Homeschool Fun, from the upcoming ebook, Homeschooling Day by Day.

When I first began homeschooling seven years ago, I remember the distinct feeling of
being overwhelmed. I felt very inadequate that the responsibility of teaching my children rested on my shoulders. It seemed that I would surely do a terrible job, and I worried they would never learn to read well or memorize their times tables.

After jumping into the fun adventure of homeschooling and getting over my fears, I realized that is was important to make school fun and interesting! If school is nothing but rigid schedules, it will become a dreaded thing, and most likely your children will not learn as they would if school were kept interesting. School prepares your children for life, and it’s always good to add a fun element to your school time. Yes my girls have to sit down and do their workbooks and take a test here and there, but adding fun to school leaves a lasting impression on their precious hearts. They don’t even realize they are actually learning when we have fun!

This ebook is set to launch next Monday, August 12, but just in case you can’t wait that long, here are a few more “sneak peaks”:

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