October Bulk Herb Store Sales

October 2013 Bulk Herb Store Sales

Creamy Pumpkin Pie Tea

Contains Naturally Caffeine Free: 
Red rooibos teaCinnamon chipsOrange peelClovesGinger root

Creamy Pumpkin Pie Tea has a rich, nutty flavor.  Sweeten it with honey and add cream to get the full pumpkin pie flavor!

Regular Price: $10.95
Sale Price: $7.66

Use Code OCTPIE at checkout


Double E Immune Booster Tea

Contains Naturally Caffeine Free: 
Nettle LeafPeppermint Leaf, Echinacea RootEchinacea Tops, Elderberries whole, Ginseng Root and Rosehips

Double E Immune Booster provides a fast and effective way to fight sickness and boost the immune system.

When I feel under the weather, there is nothing I like better than sipping on a quart of this tea throughout the day.  It makes a huge difference in making me feel better!

We also like making a tincture with this mixture.  This is a very convenient way to make use of these amazing herbs.  You can watch a video of me making this into a tincture HERE.

Regular Price: $17.95
Sale Price: $12.56

Use Code OCTTEA at checkout


Be Your Own Doctor Book

Be Your Own Doctor is probably the book I refer to the most.  It is chock full of home remedy stories to aid you in doctoring your family from home.  I love this book!

Some highlights are:

  • How to deal with colds, flu’s and fever. 
  • How to stop bleeding, heal wounds and deal with emergencies. 
  • Re-mineralizing teeth and healing abscesses. 
  • Recipes to make your own tinctures, poultices, teas and salves. 
  • Along with how to resolve colic and making your own baby care supplies 
  • And much more…..

    Regular Price: $24.95
    Sale Price: $19.95

    Use Code OCTDOC at checkout


    Homesteading For Beginners Volume 2

    Journey with the Harrison family as they share some basic homesteading skills. In this DVDyou will learn about everything from…

    • Maple syrup
    • Sprouting
    • Kefir bread
    • Soup canning
    • Apple cider vinegar
    • Yogurt making
    • Root cellaring
    • …and much more!
    I own this DVD set, and they are well worth the watch!  Loaded with great homesteading information!

    Regular Price: $19.95
    Sale Price: $13.96

    Use Code OCTHOM at checkout


    Organic Cinnamon Sticks

    Cinnamon sticks are the perfect thing to stir your hot herbal teas withthis fall and winter.  It is also a great herb to use medicinally.

    From the Bulk Herb Store website:

    Cinnamon acts as a tonic to the entire body. It promotes sweating, increases blood circulation, increases the production of digestive fluids, relieves smooth muscle spasms, and increase the flow of urine. Externally, it can be used as a tea or powder for vaginal infections. In the digestive system, it helps with weak digestion, colic, griping, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Cinnamon can also act as a relaxant, reducing anxiety and stress. It has strong volatile oils that are a potent antibacterial, antifungal and even a uterine stimulant.”

    Regular Price: $5.50
    Sale Price: $3.85

    Use Code OCTCIN at checkout


    Organic Whole Cloves

    Cloves are a great breath freshner.  It kills the bacteria that causes odor, leaving the mouth clean and fresh.

    Regular Price: $15.00
    Sale Price: $10.50

    Use Code OCTCVS at checkout

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