How Are Vaccinations Cultured?

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It is common for manufacturers of vaccines to grow their viruses in animal cells in their manufacturing process.  They culture the vaccinations in cow tissue, monkey kidney tissue, and chicken embryos, to name a few.  {Some vaccinations have been cultured in pig tissue and goat tissue, but I am not covering all the vaccinations in this post.}

One reason this is not such a great idea is that it is very difficult to monitor the animals from which the culture is taken, to make certain they are in the best of health.  The animals may be carrying bacteria or viruses that could contaminate the vaccines.  There have been instances in the past when animal viruses have been found in vaccinations.  

Another reason is that directly injecting animal tissue into a human can create autoantibodies.  These autoantibodies attack the body’s tissues, organs and/or healthy cells.  This of course is what leads to autoimmune diseases.  The number of cases of autoimmune diseases is greatly on the rise in our day.  According to the Self-Organized Criticality Theory of Autoimmunity Study, chronic diseases are eventually inevitable for those who are vaccinated.

And that’s not all.  There’s even more.  And it gets worse.

There are several varieties of vaccinations that contain aborted fetus cells. {In this post, I am not covering all of the vaccinations that contain these cells – there are more than what I have listed below.}

Yes.  You read that right.  Aborted fetus cells.

I was blown away when I found this out in my research.

You see, I am pro-life.  I believe that life begins at conception.  When one cell multiplies into millions of cells – it is alive.  When a heart starts beating 22 days after conception – it is living.  Abortion is killing a baby.  Killing is murder.  I cannot take part in this.  A growing number of parents are finding this fetus culture fact, and are outraged that the information has not been disclosed to them before.  In the vaccination ingredient list, the aborted cells are referred to as “human diploid tissue”, thus admitting that they have killed a human.

In 1961, cell cultures were taken from the lungs of an intentionally aborted female fetus of 3 months gestation.  In 1966, cell cultures were taken from the lungs of an intentionally aborted male fetus of 14 weeks gestation.  Some vaccinations today still come from this original source.

This is a moral issue for me.  I will not be in support of, nor partake in vaccinations that were cultured on aborted fetus cells.  Ever.  End of story.  If anyone argues in favor of any of the vaccinations that contain such cultures, my answer will always be that innocent lives were used in the manufacturing process.  Some doctors believe only a small trace of these cells may still be in these vaccinations, and don’t believe it should be an issue.  But it is for me.

The vaccinations listed below are in no way a complete list of vaccinations and the culture media that is used.  I’ve chosen to cover the cultures of the ten vaccinations that are recommended for children ages birth to 6 years old.  

The vaccinations listed below are recommended by the Center for Disease Control for the 2013 Immunization Schedule: 

DTaP {Kinrix & Pediarix} {Given at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 15 months, 18 months and 4-6 years old}
{Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis vaccine}
Culture: Monkey kidney cell
*The other versions of the DTaP vaccine are cultured on synthetic cultures, which include aluminum, a toxic heavy metal.

Hep A {Havrix & Vaqta} {Given at 12 months, 15 months, 18 months, and 19-23 months}
{Vaccine for hepatitis A virus}
Culture: Lung tissue from aborted fetus {human diploid tissue, ***MRC-5}

Hep B {Given at birth, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months}
{Vaccine for hepatitis B virus}
Culture for Engerix & Recombivax: Yeast or yeast extract {contains the heavy metal, aluminum hydroxide}
Culture for Hep A/Hep B {Twinrix}: Yeast or yeast extract; lung tissue from aborted fetus {human diploid tissue, ***MRC-5}

Hib {All varieties} {Given at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 15 months}
{Vaccine for meningitis, pneumonia, and other infections caused by the Haemophilus influenzae type b}
Culture: Synthetic or semisynthetic, or yeast, yeast extract {contains the heavy metal, aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate}. 

Influenza {Afluria, Fluarix, Flulaval, Fluvirin, Fluzone} {Given monthly from 6 months through 23 months, and then once a year}
{Flu vaccine}
Culture: Egg Protein
*FluMist is cultured on chicken kidney cells and egg protein.

IPV {Poliovax} {Given at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 15 months, 18 months}
{Polio vaccine} 
Culture: Lung tissue from aborted fetus {human diploid tissue, ***MRC-5}
*The Ipol variety is cultured on monkey kidney cells.

MMR {MMRII and ProQuad} {Given at 12 months, 15 months, and 4-6 years}
{Measles, Mumps, Rubella vaccine}
Culture: Lung tissue from aborted fetuses {human diploid tissue, ***MRC-5, **WI38}

PCV {Pneumovax} {Given at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months, 15 months}
{Vaccine for pneumococcal disease}
Culture: Bovine protein {cow tissue}
*The Prevnar variety is contains aluminum in its culture, which is a toxic heavy metal.

RV {RotaTeq} {Given at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months}
{Rotavirus vaccine}
Culture: Monkey kidney cell

Varicella {Given at 12 months, 15 months, and 4-6 years}
{Chickenpox vaccine}
Culture: Lung tissue from aborted fetuses {human diploid tissue, ***MRC-5 & **WI-38}

**WI-38: In 1961, cell cultures were taken from the lungs of an intentionally aborted female fetus of 3 months gestation. 
***MRC-5: In 1965, cell cultures were taken from the lungs of an intentionally aborted male fetus of 14 weeks gestation.

You may wonder why I don’t give my girls the vaccinations that are not cultured on aborted fetuses or animal tissue.  One reason is because the others are cultured on synthetic or yeast cultures, which contains the heavy metal aluminum.  Aluminum is toxic to the brain and nervous system.

Besides the culturing process of vaccinations, there are other reasons I choose not to vaccinate.  Hang in there.  Stay with me.  We still have to cover other topics such as: the other ingredients in vaccinations, are vaccinations proven to be effective, can they cause autism and SIDS, and more!

I hope you’ll follow me through this series to discover why this mom has jumped from the pro-vaccine side of the fence to the opposite side. {I seriously used to argue under my breath when I heard of people that were against vaccinations.}

Thanks for reading! 🙂

I love my readers and welcome comments and questions.  I appreciate everyone being kind and considerate in the last post.  I have decided that I will not publish any more comments that contain links.  One reason is because I feel that some of the authors behind the links are not honest, or I completely disagree and there is not enough room or time for me to share my view on the  links in the comment section.  Most of the things contained in the links should be addressed in future posts.

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*Disclaimer: I am not a professional, nor a doctor.  Nothing I say has been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.

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  1. says

    I have sent the Vatican response to the moral issue to your inbox. I do not know your religious affiliation, but I find it a most cogent, rational moral argument, and I believe it is worthy of your attention.

    • says

      Just for the record, I am not a Catholic myself, but am willing to hear out a person of a different persuasion if his arguments do not contradict my own moral framework.
      I think it is critical for your readers to understand that NO fetus was aborted EVER for the express purpose of creating a vaccine. Would it have been wiser to ask for permission to use the tissue of a child which had been spontaneously aborted (via miscarriage)? By all means, but done is done.
      The vaccinations which are currently using cell lines of aborted tissue date back decades – to 1964 and 1970. Yes, it was poor judgment, but it is not being repeated constantly, as some persons whom I have met seem to believe.
      To reject vaccinations SOLELY on the aborted tissue issue is the equivalent of having a child who needs an organ transplant and refusing the organs of a gunshot victim because he was murdered.

    • says

      You have the right to feel this way, Marcia.I don’t disagree with the vatican simply because I’m not Catholic, I will not use vaccinations that contain aborted fetus cells, and another person’s opinion does not change my mind
      I do not reject vaccinations solely based on the aborted fetuses, as I have mentioned. There are several other reasons, but this is a big issue for me.
      Abortions are performed and excused by our government and medical community on a daily basis, by the very ones that are pushing these vaccinations, and are completely different to me than a person murdered on the street and donating an organ to save someone’s life. If the government were murdering innocent people on the street and using their organs to save others’ lives, I would have serious issues with accepting these donated organs.

    • says

      I agree that the babies that were aborted and used were most likely going to be aborted anyway by a mother that did not want them, but it is obvious that the medical community would have had to premeditate and plan which abortions they would use for these cultures, making sure they were healthy fetuses. Those that are behind abortions and vaccinations are the same groups of people.

    • says

      Be wary of blanket condemnations, Jill! I just ran out of fingers counting doctors with whom I am personally acquainted (both friends and family) that are both pro-life and support vaccinations.
      The medical community did not “premeditate” which aborted and discarded tissue to use; they simply took what was available.
      I respect your opinion, but personally feel no culpability when my children receive vaccines which fit into this category.

    • says

      You have the right to decide what is best for your children, as I do for mine. There are many doctors who are pro-life and against vaccinations as well. My purpose in using the term “premeditate” is that they did not wake up one day with a genius idea to suddenly use aborted fetuses that day. This would have been a thought-out discussion and plan to use aborted cells, and they would have made sure the fetuses were healthy.

  2. says

    I am so happy to be reading your post! I have 4 fully vaxed boys and my 5th (5 month old) so far has had none. I’ve vaxed the older boys out of lack of knowledge, but have always felt i really needed to educate myself. I was just always so overwhelmed with information that I would give up. Thank you for the time you are putting into this and I look forward to more post 🙂

  3. says

    I love you posted about this.. i read the book ‘the vaccine book’ by Dr Sears.. and in there he states the same information you did.. knowing what we are putting into our bodies (and our children’s) are so important.. And like you i am pro-life so for me it was a huge thing.. Thankyou!

  4. says

    Thank you so much for these posts. I have 3 kids the first 2 are fully vaccinated {ages 4 and almost 3}, and my third is vaccinated up to the 1 year shots which we have not done. I was fully pro-vaccination until about a month before his first birthday and now I don’t know. My biggest struggle is finding good information. I think that is honestly what stopped me from ever doing much research–and vaccinating what just what you did.

    I look forward to the future posts–thank you for your hard work. I am especially interested to hear about your personal journey from pro-vax to the other side.

    • says

      All these posts put together are my personal journey moving from one side to the other. Each thing that I personally researched made me change my decision. May you come to a place of peace of what is best for your family, Renee. Thanks for reading!

  5. says

    I am absolutely shocked about vaccines containing aborted fetal tissue. I didn’t know that. I already wasn’t vaccinating, however, a nurse told me that whooping cough was going around in my area and children can die from it, so I had my four year old daughter vaccinated against whooping cough. Now I am horrified at what I allowed to be put into her body. My boys both had shots as babies, however, my second boy had an intense allergic reaction that left him with asthma. Thereafter, I didn’t allow them to get any vaccine. Unfortunately, they now live with their dad, and I think he has them vaccinated, including my son who ended up with asthma.So both of my oldest children continue to have these poisons put into their bodies and it makes me angry, and very worried for their future health.

    • says

      Deborah, whooping cough is among the rise of the vaccinated. I do not believe vaccinations are a good way to protect against this disease. I will cover this in future posts. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. says

    I have 4 children ages 11, 8, 7, and 4. About 12 years ago, I began my journey of researching vaccines. It was unheard of back then to think about not vaccinating. I was blessed to have a friend ask me what I was going to do about vaccinations. I was about half way into my 1st pregnancy. At that time, I didn’t realize that I needed to be thinking about vaccinations. I’m so thankful that she asked me that question. It led me down a path of reading as much as I could get my hands on and thoughts wrapped around!
    I selectively vaccinated my 1st child. I believe that he had 4 shots total. I don’t remember which ones. But I was so uncertain about them, that they were delayed and one at a time. I eventually decided that we would not do any of them. So, he had very few and the rest of my children had none.
    The research process was difficult. It was so hard to find unbiased information. I resorted to looking at each of the individual ingredients from each vaccine and the potential side effects. I also looked at those potential side effects along side our personal genetic background.
    It was a very long process of studying and combing through information. I am so glad that I did – and am so thankful that I chose to spend all of that time educating myself on this difficult topic. One of the best things I did once I was done combing through all the vaccine information was to educate myself on each of the diseases for which they are vaccinated. Once I educated myself on the individual diseases – my fears were completely put to rest. I’ve often thought about doing a blog series on vaccinations – it is so completely time consuming! I hope that your series will serve to educate and change some minds on this topic!

    • says

      Wow, Larissa! You have done some serious research – that’s awesome! Let me know if you ever do blog about this subject – I would love to read it! Each post does take me hours to put together, but I did feel compelled to start it and am enjoying sharing it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  7. says

    I also intended to mention that the aborted human diploid cells were the first thing we came across when we began our research. We immediately decided that we did not want to benefit from the vaccines that contained aborted cells. It is a moral issue for me too.

  8. Genevieve says

    Thanks so much for this series, Jill! I’m very much on the fence about vaccinating (no kids yet, so we have a bit of time to make decisions on this). I grew up in a family that only did a couple vaccines, so that was my norm, but now that we’re hoping to start a family it’s suddenly become a very immediate thing! I’m so grateful for this series of posts! It’s especially helpful to see a clear list of which vaccines come from aborted fetal cell lines.

    Just today a circumstance arose that makes me suddenly understand why people vaccinate. A dear friend of mine has a baby who is one week old, and they live in an area where many families choose not to vaccinate because of health and moral concerns. Today her cousins (who live a couple miles away) were diagnosed with whooping cough (pertussis), and chances are it will spread like wildfire through their church as well as the homeschool co-op that meets in her husband’s workplace. When whooping cough is fatal, it is usually in infants under 1 year of age (most often under 4 months, which is when the first vaccine is given.) I was just reading that 75% of infants under 4 months who catch whooping cough end up hospitalized. Suddenly I can see the reason behind the pro-vaccine arguments. Even if whooping cough wouldn’t kill most people who caught it, if you have it and you spread it to an infant, an elderly person, or someone with a weak immune system, THEY might die. If all those kids in my friend’s community were vaccinated, chances are the disease would spread very little or more slowly. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!

    Thanks again so much!

    • says

      Hi Genevieve! I will discuss diseases more specifically in future posts. The whooping cough vaccine is currently on the rise among the vaccinated, thus proving to not be effective protection. While it is devastating for anyone to die from whooping cough, the vaccine simply is not good protection, in my opinion.

    • says

      Here is some data from an article written by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny giving some interesting information about the California Whooping Cough outbreak of 2010:

      The Watchdog Institute, an investigative journalism center based in San Diego, recently teamed up with local San Diego television station, KPBS, to research the actual number of families affected by the whooping cough outbreak to determine how many children had been fully vaccinated against pertussis. The four-month investigation culminated in the airing of a documentary on December 16, 2010. Their research was revealing: In the nine California counties most affected, 44 to 83 percent of those contracting the infection had been fully vaccinated. In Ohio and Texas, two states also having record numbers of whooping cough cases, 75 and 67.5 percent respectively had been vaccinated.

      The public – especially the government and media – is blaming the outbreak on those in the community that are not vaccinating – but the data does not support this theory. The vaccines do not provide immunity.

      I agree that some of the diseases can be scary – especially when considering an infant – however, I also believe that the media and government serve to induce an irrational fear. It can also be very difficult to find information that is completely accurate with the statistics. This is a really hard issue!

    • Genevieve says

      It would be interesting to know what percentage of deaths are in unvaccinated individuals vs. vaccinated. And did being vaccinated actually make the illness less severe, as the vaccine literature says? In that case, while it might not prevent people from getting it, it might reduce deaths from the disease…

      Also, in the areas where 44-83% of people who got it were vaccinated, what percentage of the population wasn’t vaccinated? In other words, did 95% of unvaccinated people get it, while only 50% of those vaccinated? In that case you would have to say the vaccine was working, even if not perfectly…

      I’ll be so interested to read your future posts on this, Jill! Thank you.

  9. says

    I am very thankful you are teaching me all this. It is a very serious issue to be because I also was one to do everything by the book until my son Elijah had his 4 year old shots. He had a mild fever when we went to bed so I gave him Motrin to control it. He slept with us that night so I could monitor him and thank the Lord he did. I awoke to him having what I later found out was a grandma seizure. As soon as I had the chance I took his temperature because I knew it was bad! I checked 3 times and it was 107.5. His eyes had set, he had urinated on his self, his heart was barely beating, and he had quit breathing. I was watching my precious 4 year old die. I began to pray and Roy grabbed him up and screamed and cried to God not to take him and immediately he came to and started to breath. He is a living breathing miracle and no damage was done by the high fever or seizure ,but, only by the grace of God. The doctors told me it is impossible for him to be normal, they told me he should have died and at best been brain dead, but of course they don’t understand who walked into my room and healed my child. Yet, they lectured me for not giving any more vaccinations. I began to check into it and decided I would never again give any vaccine. My son is 10 now and preaches. We will tell his testimony everywhere we go because it could have been fatal.

  10. says

    I really appreciate this series that you are doing. Like an above commenter, my oldest is 11, and I did A LOT of research before he was born, deciding to avoid any and all vaccinations (honestly praying that if the government did force it, then my children would be old enough not to need most of the vaccines and that their immune system would then be strong enough to handle the toxins). The problem with that line of reasoning for our family is that we have come to a position of rejecting birth control, so I’m still having children! Our 7th is due in February. I have been feeling this incredible need to research again and document my research so that I can defend my position for these more recent children. That’s why I appreciate this series of posts. You are doing my work for me! 🙂 One of the reasons that we chose not to vaccinate is that my mil has dealt with autoimmune disease issues for most of her life; therefore, we knew that our children had the possibility of having her genes. Our third child does, and is deathly allergic (anaphylaxis) to eggs and other foods. He is on a completely organic and whole foods diet with no grains, and I shudder to think where he would be if we had him vaccinate. We even had a medical doc tell us that he would probably be somewhere on the autism spectrum if we had had him vaccinated! That’s enough for me, but I fear that it’s not for other medical personnel. I HATE having to take our children to the ER and avoid it at all costs because of the questions that we get. Thank you again for doing this series!

    • says

      Oh big families are wonderful! Congratulations on your seventh baby – how sweet! I do hope you have a safe and easy delivery. Many are concerned of egg allergies with vaccinations. Thanks for sharing.

  11. says

    I wrote a long post, but was not logged in, so I will not rewrite it. Just thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this series and taking the time to do it. It is very much appreciated.

  12. Anonymous says

    You logic is flawed. Everything in life has risk. Not vaccinating your children is like saying “I’m not driving my children to the doctor’s office because we might have a wreck on the way.”

  13. says

    I so appreciate this series, Jill! The information in this post is chilling, to say the least. I have often wondered if vaccines are connected with autoimmune disease and enjoyed reading your research.

    I was fully vaccinated as a child but am thankful to choose a better way for my own children. I regret that I didn’t learn this information when my first child was a baby, but I’m thankful to know it now!

  14. says

    Thank you for this information, Jill. When I first learned of the aborted human tissue used in some vaccines it made me sick! That is one of the reasons we avoid vaccinations.
    Another reason would be my and my husbands allergies. We have always had issues with seasonal allergies. More recently, I’ve been fighting psoriasis/ eczema. Not an easy task with small children, multiple diaper changes, and frequent hand washing. My husband struggles with intestinal issues. With our problems, I’m pretty sure the children would also be susceptible to the same.
    About whooping cough… I received my vaccinations when I was a child. At 13, I contracted whooping cough. No idea where I got it as I was homeschooled at the time and was not constantly around other people (homeschool groups and the like weren’t as popular in the mid-90s). What the dr. told us, after misdiagnosing me with bronchitis, was that the whooping cough vaccine eventually wears off. He also said it was fairly common for teens to get the disease because of this.
    Funny story: When I was on FB (not anymore), I got into a discussion about vaccines with a woman who worked for the NIH (I didn’t realize that at first). When it came around to aluminum in vaccines, her response was this: If you use aluminum foil to cook, cover, or store you food, it shouldn’t be an issue to have it in vaccines. (I gave up talking to her after that.) Where is the logic in that?! Covering a dish with foil (which I don’t do that often) is *very* different from injecting a toxic heavy metal *into* your body or the small, new body of an infant.
    I’m looking forward to the rest of this series. =) Something that baffles me is “herd immunity”. If your child is vaccinated, why does my child have to be? Your child should be “safe”, if the vaccine works. If your child can’t be vaccinated, why does my child have to be? If both children are unvaccinated, they are in the same boat. If you know it’s unsafe for your child to be vaccinated, why can I not be sure that it would be unsafe for my child as well? My biggest question for the medical community is this: If we are so advanced and can save lives, why is there no pre-vaccine test for all children to discover if it is safe or not for any individual child? If a dr. could tell me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, with a test (perhaps blood-work of some kind) that my child would not be harmed by a certain vaccine, I would be much more likely to consider it.
    Sorry I went on so long. =) It’s a fascinating topic.

    • says

      I actually don’t use aluminum very often at all and never wrap food in it to bake in the oven – it does harm brain cells and the nervous system. And yes I agree that directly injecting it in your body is worse. I do plan to discuss herd immunity – that is a big issue too. Thanks, Sarah!

    • Genevieve says

      Sarah – one thought about herd immunity – I think the idea behind it is that it’s not mainly to protect vaccinated people – it’s for those who can’t be vaccinated – newborn babies, pregnant women, and those who have had serious reactions to vaccines and thus aren’t fully vaccinated. I agree with your concerns, but I’m wrestling with not being sure that vaccines aren’t at least helpful in slowing the spread of disease, even if they aren’t 100% effective.

    • says

      Genevieve- I understand that about “herd immunity”. I just don’t agree. How can it be more dangerous for a person who can’t be vaccinated to be around a healthy unvaccinated person than an unhealthy vaccinated person? This would be my concern with the “herd immunity”.
      I try to keep my children healthy, but when they are ill, I try keep them away from others until they are no longer contagious. It seems that people use the fact that their children have been vaccinated as an excuse to have them in public when they are ill. To curb the spread of disease/ illness one only needs to practice simple precautionary measures: hand-washing at all times and self-quarantine when ill. This of course won’t stop all illness, but it would slow it down! =)

  15. Penny Braun says

    I didn’t find out about the aborted fetal cells until after my children had been vaccinated. I felt horrible! Dr. Dobson had a website that listed which vaccines were made from aborted fetal cells and which weren’t. I have 8 children and 2 of them have Aspergers Syndrome. While I am not sure that vaccines ’cause’ autism, I do believe that kids that are neurologically sensitive and have gut issues/allergies, can not process or rid themselves of the toxins or metals found in vaccines, environment, etc. They are like a loaded gun… and vaccines pull the trigger. My youngest does not have autism, but literally within 24 hrs of receiving his MMR, he was running down the hallway and throwing himself in to the wall and falling down, laughing hysterically. It was horrifying to see him like this and the whole family made comments about his bizarre behavior. We had purposely waited until he was a toddler to even begin his immunizations and I begged the doctor to split them up and spread them out over a period of time. He would not split up the MMR but did agree to give only one vaccine at a time. Just that MMR caused a significant reaction in my youngest. After finding out about the aborted fetal cells being used…. I did read an interesting article about the theory that kids that have autism after receiving vaccines… could be having a reaction to the fetal cells. The example given was that just as a person receiving a donated heart or liver has to stay on anti rejection meds the rest of their life, the kids that receive the vaccines of aborted fetal cells, could be ‘rejecting’ them and causing a reaction. I do not know for sure what to think about all of it, but I do know that my family is very sensitive to vaccines and getting them is now taken very seriously. My daughter, age 19 was required to get the flu shot/tetanus/pertussis for her job at the hospital. I had to ask her just how badly she wanted this job. When she was 11, she was bitten by a feral cat…. and had to get a series of rabies shots. My husband, who is a physician too, had gone w/ her to the infectious disease doc to get these injections. The physician had recommended that she get a flu shot and tetanus shot in addition to the rabies shots. My husband agreed. When she came home, I was mortified! And within a couple of weeks, she started have small absence seizures. The first neurologist blew it off b/c the EEG didn’t show seizure activity during testing. We finally found a 2nd neurologist who believed us… but b/c they could not get her to have a seizure during the 2nd EEG, they couldn’t diagnose her. I watched my daughter drop dishes, fall down, foam at the mouth, etc. when she had these spells of staring off and not being able to control her body. She gained a lot of weight. She is now 19 and the symptoms subsided a couple of years ago. Now she can drive and leads a fairly normal life. But it was scary. She made the decision to get the shots she needed for her job at the hospital… but I have to tell you, I prayed a lot and held my breath. The tetanus shot was difficult for her. She ran a fever and was sore w/ body aches for 2 days. We all caught a respiratory illness later that was hard… but she had it the worst. She had never had a flu shot before now… and yet, she was the sickest among us. I believe that we impair our immune systems w/ the overloading of vaccines… and I’m seeing this played out in my own family. How I wish that I had not been so trusting when I was a young mother and just took it for granted that the doctors knew what was best for my children. I have had nurses agree that children receive too many vaccines, too close together and at too early of an age.

  16. says

    I never heard of the fetus cells until earlier today. Yours is the second place I read it in one day. Had no idea. All of my kids have been fully vaccinated except my 3 year old. He hasn’t had any in at least 2 years. Still debating what to do. It is certainly not an easy issue.

  17. says

    You’re a brave soul Jill to bring this topic into the light. From some of the comments I wonder if they are bots, but I must say you handled those negative comments with class.

    Just wondering if you are going to cover the mercury used in the vaccines in a separate post? This is another issue I personally have with vaccines.

  18. says

    I didn’t get the chance to read all the responses, but I was interested in the first part of your article about auto immune diseases corresponding with vaccinations. I was vaccinated as a child and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 25. No one in my family or extended family has it (that I know of, not sure about great or great great grandparents)
    I would be interested in more links to this subject
    Thanks for your work!

  19. Anonymous says

    I work in the health care industry where it is now being mandated that health care workers need a flu shot to be employed. My employer is allowing religious and medical exemptions this year (I am still waiting to see if my religious exemption is “approved”). I have not vaccinated my kids because I knew vaccines were filled with horrible ingredients, but during my research about the flu vaccine I found out that the flu virus in the vaccine is killed with a carcinogen, usually formaldehyde or a similar substance, and trace amounts are still left in the vaccine. As I was calculating the trace amounts, it turned out that the vaccine contains a tenth of someone’s recommended LIFETIME exposure to formaldehyde!

  20. Anonymous says

    No matter what anyone says, thanks so much for exposing this truth about the aborted tissues still being used out there. We are so incredibly oblivious to so much of what goes on, and the knowledge of such things really should make us ill. I am very much pro-life as well, and believe there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for the countless murders of inocent children that have left so much blood on our countries hands. It is a serious matter, and I believe the very thought of even ‘some’ of these vaccines being cultured in this way should make us sick to our stomachs. I hope this truth revealed helps many to run the other way. Good work in exposing it. Its important, and very much a moral issue as youve said…. Im sure theres been some nasty comments behind the scenes sent your way. Please dont take them to heart, and dont let them get you down. Youve done the right thing here. Good Job!!! Dont let anyone out there get you down…. 🙂

  21. L L says

    I am still on the pro-vaccine side of the fence, but AMEN to the aborted fetal cell issue! I found out about it before my son was born and was horrified. It took some digging to find out which ones were not cultured using aborted stem cell lines.

  22. says

    I have a hard time researching vaccination issues because there is so much *fear-related* information rather than *fact-related* information on both sides. One thing that I had read is that the fetal cells that are used to culture the vaccines were not from intentionally aborted fetuses, but from spontaneous abortions, i.e. miscarriages. The reasoning was that abortions weren’t legal until Roe v. Wade in 1973 and the fetal cells were taken in 1961 and 1966.

    Regardless, there are many other ingredients that are worrisome, but I just haven’t made a final decision about it. My husband is very strongly pro-vaccinations, but as of yet have not given any to our youngest mostly because we had a “transition year” in our life with a new job and a couple of moves. This is definitely a tough decision, thank you for the series on this controversial topic!

    • says

      I agree that it is a big, tough decision! Unfortunately the cells were not taken from miscarriages.
      “Miscarried babies cannot be used in the production of vaccines since most miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormality and therefore renders the tissue too dangerous to use in case there is any transference of disease into the vaccinated person. Early embryonic cells can also not be used as they are not large enough to take a tissue sample from, therefore all unborn children used in vaccine production must be over the age of 12 weeks gestation and without any genetic abnormality.” {}
      Best wishes with the new job and move! 🙂

  23. Amy says

    Thank you for addressing this issue in such a clear easy to read way! I’m loving these posts. This is a great resource to share with others who are looking for more info! Thank you for the time you’ve put in to share this with others!



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