Vaccinations – The Big Debate {Introduction Post}

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Vaccinations are one of the most controversial subjects of our day.  I believe it is a very important subject, and one that each parent needs to research for themselves.  

I’m sure you’ve heard some of the controversy:


The government only pushes vaccinations because of the big money they make.
Those against vaccinations are conspiracy theorists.
Non-Vaccinating parents are terrible for not protecting their children from disease, and are putting my child at risk.
Vaccinating parents don’t care about their children enough to research what’s in them.

Some of us may have different opinions on this subject, but we do all have one thing in common: the great love we have for the children God has blessed us with.  And because of our great love, we make the decision on whether or not to vaccinate based on what we feel is best for our children.  Moms that do not vaccinate are not bad moms, neither are moms who do vaccinate bad moms.  I don’t think it’s right for us to name-call and say hurtful things to those on the other side of the fence than we are.

When my first child was born, I didn’t think about doing anything different than whatever my pediatrician said, which included the full schedule of vaccines.  When my second child was born, I noticed that she was sick after every shot she had, and this sick reaction was supposed to be “normal”.  When I expressed any concern to the pediatrician, he very much persuaded me to vaccinate my baby.  He warned me of the risk I was putting her in if I did not allow the shots.  I believed him and the “facts” he shared.  I also believe he was very sincere and concerned about her well-being.  I just believe he was misinformed. 

During this same time that my second daughter was still a baby, I began hearing more news about the growing numbers of parents not vaccinating.  I also became acquainted with a lady that did not vaccinate her children.  I began asking her questions and researched for myself what the vaccination buzz was all about.

I am not a professional and I do not have all the answers.  I’m a mom.  Simple as that.  I’m a mom who has studied this subject for years and have made decisions based on what I feel is best for my children.  I am  not going to tell you whether or not you should vaccinate.  I have no authority, right, or desire to do so.  

What I am now passionate about is sharing the reasons why I don’t choose to vaccinate my children, why I have jumped from one side of the fence to the other.  Some may say that this series is biased, and I can’t stop you from saying that {though I don’t believe that it is}.  Moms all over this country have received plenty of information on why they should vaccinate their children.  I desire to let people see the other side, perhaps understand a little more of why so many growing numbers of parents are choosing not to vaccinate. 

What I desire to look at in this series is, how do vaccinations really affect your child, both now and long-term?  
I plan to cover topics such as:

  • What is in a vaccination and are they safe?
  • How are vaccinations cultured?
  • Are they effective?
  • Is there lasting immunity?
  • Can they cause autism and SIDS?
  • Why do we have less disease and many third-world countries still deal with the diseases?
I don’t know how long this series will last, and I will probably only cover one or two topics a week.  I would love to be one of these super moms that pump out blog posts every day, but I’m just not. 🙂  I also have other things I may write about here and there during this series that don’t have anything to do with vaccinations.  But I do plan to share my view on these topics throughout the course of a few months. 
Maybe you’re reading this because you have never considered doing anything else but vaccinate your child and you’re wondering if I’ve lost my mind.

Maybe you’re reading this because you’re straddling the fence and you would really like to know the reasons why another mom would choose not to vaccinate her child.

Maybe you’re reading this because you’ve studied this subject and have chosen not to vaccinate.  You are curious if we share the same views.

Maybe you’re reading this because you have studied this subject and are a firm believer in vaccinating.

For whatever your reason for being here, I’m glad you are.  I hope you can walk away from this series with a little more knowledge than you had before, and a little more understanding of why a mom would choose to go against the main stream and say “no” to vaccines.

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*Disclaimer: I am not a professional, nor a doctor.  Nothing I say has been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.

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  1. says

    This topic is one that I think mothers and dads should explore to the fullest before going with the mainstream. Freedom is all about choices and being aware of all the choices makes us better able to choose wisely. I think most physicians only know what they were taught in medical school and are hesitant to wander off that path into making their own decisions, but some brave ones do. They are to be commended as well as those individuals who choose a healthier lifestyle against the norm.
    I’m looking forward to your posts in the series. Have a great week!

  2. says

    Can’t wait to see what you have to say. My children are older and have had all their vaccines, but knowing what I know now, I would have never done it. This is a topic that really needs to be addressed, thanks for doing it.

  3. says

    THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for doing this… We moved two years ago, and we left one of the most amazing doctors I’ve ever had, my first daughter saw him and I only 2 vaccinations with her, my doctor for her was great, talked to me, didn’t push anything. Now I’m trying to find a doctor to see my middle daughter who is 4 and my son who is 2 – I was told by one office they would not see me at all if I wasn’t going to get the kids vaccinations… really… you won’t even take me as a patience if I choose NOT to do that do my child… I felt like “I’m not going to be pushed into doing something I don’t feel is safe.” they wouldn’t even let me see a doctor to talk to them… is crazy. I’ve been wanting to read up on itmore but have felt like its all too much.. thank you again for doingthis.

    • says

      I have heard of doctors also that would not see children who weren’t vaccinated. I’ve been fortunate to find a doctor that was very kind and respected my wishes once I had made my final decision.

    • says

      I do agree that most doctors feel this duty and are sincerely doing what they think is best. I do not believe that non-vaccinators pose a threat to others, and I hope I can cover that in this series. The pertussis vaccination is definitely one that has been proven as not being effective, being that this disease is rearing itself among the vaccinated. This ABC article even quotes: “While people of all ages can come down with whooping cough, even if they’ve been vaccinated…”

    • says

      I read a book by Paul M. Offit, and went into it wanting to agree with him. I was already on the fence and really wanted to forget what I’d heard from the natural resources around me. After all, following the CDC schedule would be so much simpler on a parent’s schedule.

      In the end, it was Dr. Offit’s book that pushed me off the fence, no longer being able to follow the CDC’s schedule with a clear conscience.

  4. says

    You did a fantastic job of not pushing your opinion on someone else, but instead encouraging others to know what they’re doing. Great post, looking forward to the others. Even though this is a tough subject to post about, it’s an important one that all parents need to explore. Regardless of what anyone’s decision is on the matter, every parent needs to know what they’re doing when it comes to vaccines. Found you at A Mama’s Story blog hop; thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  5. says

    My reasons for vaccination are very very different than most. I have a son with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and because so many people choose not to vaccinate he is at a larger risk. He was vaccinated, but the treatment have wiped out any effectiveness the vaccines might have had, and because of his treatment my youngest can not be vaccinated(some vaccines are live vaccines and he can get the diseases from her vaccinations). These diseases that might be only a minor discomfort for your children will kill mine.
    I have no issue with parents who do not vaccinate, because as you said I think as parents we all try to do the best we can. I’m simply telling you something that most people never consider when choosing whether or not to vaccinate.
    Childhood cancer is not talked about a lot and until it hits your family you don’t always understand the impact it has. I knew nothing about it till I was thrown into it. But the truth is, my child is not the only one battling. This is not talked about a lot and just throwing my two cents out there:)
    So if you choose not to vaccinate, please watch your children closely if they are exposed to these diseases, or any disease.

    • says

      My friend just recently found out that 2 out of her 3 children have Cystic Fibrosis and vaccination is also a whole different animal for her family. Even something non-life threatening can become life threatening for her boys. Just something to be aware of as we cross others’ paths.

  6. says

    I want to share that my older kids were vaccinated, my youngest were not. My vaccinated children were and still are my sickest children. coincidence? IDK. the only one who got whooping cough was vaccinated! As I became a more experienced parent, I researched ingredients, side affects as well as vaccines that are derived from aborted babies. If anyone chooses to vaccinate I would choose an alternative schedule stretching out the vaccines and eliminating some. children get more vaccines now in their first year of life they most of us got in our whole lives. I believe we are stressing our childrens immune systems.

  7. says

    I am so excited about this series. My husband and I were discussing vaccinations the other day and trying to make sense of all we read and see. While vaccinations once were something we dealt with in the early years of parenting, it now follows us all the way to adulthood! I’ll be following along. Thank you so much for your research and hard work and for sharing it with all of us.

  8. says

    Thank you for doing this series. I think more parents need to be better informed about vaccinations and be able to make a better decision than just following whatever the dr says. In the beginning I followed the dr’s schedule for vaccines but after my own research, I decided to delay some of them. And opt out of some. I wish I was brave enough to not vaccinate but I just couldn’t go that route but delaying and being more selective, then I felt more at peace with that decision.

  9. says

    My mind has already been made up on vaccines. I have done the research and made my decision – 100% against them! I do enjoy learning all I can though, so I am looking forward to the rest of this series.

  10. Anonymous says

    I can’t wait to read what you say!!! I have been waiting for your thoughts and research on vaccines! Love your blog.

  11. says

    This looks like it’s going to be a great series, and I’m so glad you’re covering it from the viewpoint you are because I think a lot of people think many parents choose not to vaccinate because their on an anti-vaccination bandwagon. At least through your series we’ll be able to see that you actually thought it through and did your research. Thank you Jill!

    • says

      I agree, Meagan. Many people get on the offensive because they feel like non-vaccinators are on a bandwagon of some sort. I don’t want to be that way. This is a very important decision for each parent to research and think through.

  12. Anonymous says

    I am so excited for this! Thank you!!! I have no idea what to do. We have a history of bad reactions to vaccines in my family. I have Psoriasis and my mom thought (for years before this was subject even came up) I got them from my 5 year old vaccines (I’m 36 now) and I have read evidence supporting that vaccines CAN cause psoriasis! I was going to have my daughter follow the advice and get all the vaccines. Then after her first set (I wouldn’t let them touch her in the hospital) I just had the weirdest feeling and stopped them (at the time delayed them). Then at 18 months I had her get the Meningitis Vaccine (another gut feeling) but every time we get her a vaccine she gets sicker for longer. Last year she was sick instantly when they gave it to her until TWO WEEKS later. I am not kidding, 2 weeks that’s not normal even by their standards. I want to be safe, I want her to be protected and those around her to be protected too but at what cost? Some kids are advised not to get them for various health reasons (allergic reactions) my daughter has bad allergies. I’ve been avoiding her well check up this year. I go in and say give me a list of the most important ones or only the ones she REALLY needs, etc. They give me a list of ALL the vaccines! I’m going in for a physical in a few weeks and am going to ask my dr a bunch of questions and possibly move her over there where I go. There are some I’m dead set against (Flu, Chicken Pox, HPV – the latter two haven’t been around very long….what are the long term effects?). I obviously am very confused and very excited for this series!! Thanks!!

  13. says

    I have a friend who has Polio and must use crutches to get around because he cannot walk because his parents did not vaccinate him. If you choose not to vaccinate, remember that there is a very real chance that your child might get the illness that the vaccine is made to prevent.

    • says

      Hi, Anna! Polio cases declined in the U.S. before the vaccination was used, and disappeared simultaneously in Europe where mass immunization did not take place. I do not believe vaccinations can be credited for the reduction in polio cases. My heart goes out to your friend that has to live with polio- God be with him. Thank you for reading!

    • says

      Unless your photo belies your age, Jill, you likely have not been an eyewitness to polio’s ravages as Anna has been. I can still remember two neighbors: next door lived Doris, confined to her wheelchair, and one house further, Mr. R, who had walked on toothpick legs bound into metal braces since the age of four.
      It will be very interesting to see your research which shows that Europe overcame polio without immunization. It’s working like a charm worldwide however:

    • says

      Europe did eventually use immunization, but it was after the U.S. In both countries, diseases, including polio, decreased BEFORE the vaccinations were used. I do not minimize the devastation that a person goes through having to live with polio, but as I’ve already said, I do not credit the reduction in polio to the vaccination. I will discuss this in a future post. 🙂

    • says

      I want to be very clear here – my friend with polio is YOUNG! For years after I met him, I had no idea why he needed crutches – because he was born LONG after the vaccine. But, his parents did not vaccinate, and he contracted polio. It doesn’t matter what the statistical reduction is – if only 1 person in 100 gets it – but you’re that person – you’ve got it. Having seen the horrors of this illness, I will not be happy with “reduction” but only with eradication. BTW – the news right now has stories from non-vaccinated Syria, and infection rates are on the rise.

    • says

      We all are entitled to our own opinion, and I will share mine in future posts. As I’ve said, I’m not telling those who feel it best to vaccinate should not vaccinate, I’m simply sharing why I choose not to. 🙂

  14. Marcia S. says

    Jill, I’m really looking forward to hear what you have to say. Vaccinations are such a hot topic on both sides. I’m a nurse and have always been for vaccinations, but now I feel really unsure about it. I’ve read compelling arguments on both sides of the issue and I honestly feel very conflicted about the issue of vaccination. Truthfully, I have not done enough research on the topic to make an informed decision. I would love to see some reputable sources in your future blog posts about vaccinations that let you to your decision. Look forward to reading more!

  15. Bonnie Freeman says

    Many people I know choose to vaccinate are church going people. the fact that they can do this while vaccinations contain aborted fetal cells baffles me. I love them and choose not to judge them for their choices but it’s so hard for me to understand. My oldest daughter had some of hers before I had the confidence to stop them, because she had a bad reaction to all of them but after the 4 month ones she developed eczema and stopped pushing up. I am glad I stopped when I did because she slowly recovered from the affects we are lucky I have read many stories that are worse than ours and they break my heart.

  16. Katie says

    My baby’s pediatrician made me feel like the worst mother in the world when I chose not to give my 9 month old the flu shot. I have been struggling with vaccinations and am excited to read what you have to say!

  17. Anonymous says

    I personally really dislike vaccines for the most part. I’ve done some of my own research too. But unfortunately, in Mississippi, I have not found any way around them unless we homeschool, which isn’t going to happen. We have a good Christian school and I’m not a teacher, AND my husband wants them to go to school. Of course we don’t have to give them EVERYTHING, especially since I waited to start when they were 5. But if you have any tips for me I’d love to hear them. I have to go in to get him another round here shortly. 🙁 Evie

  18. Anonymous says

    This is a great subject to tackle and publish the truth about. Good job, and keep up the good work! ‘Thanks’ for studying it out so you can inform everyone about these subjects…. Personal experience does drive us to such things. May God bless you for your efforts; its important, so dont give up! If anyone trys to make you feel like youve been unkind in this first post, dont take it to heart. You havent. I think youve been very gentle and kind hearted as youve started it out. Its just a touchy subject with some people. 🙂 Again, good work….

  19. Anonymous says

    I cannot find the post “How Are Vaccinations Cultured?” I keep getting an error “not found” Is there another way to read it? I would really like to see it. Thank you

    • says

      Thanks, Rachel! There are two other posts besides this one that I’ve written. They are both mentioned in this post. With the holidays, and the hours of research it takes for each post, I’m slow-going with this series. I hope to have another one out this week or early next. Thanks for your patience with me! 🙂


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