Healing A Second-Degree Burn

Burn accidents are most likely something many of us will encounter. It’s important to have help on hand to treat burns if they occur. Of course seek medical help for burns as needed!

Spilling hot, right-off-the-stove soup on the leg is painful. Here’s the plan of action I immediately took that offered great relief and short-term suffering.

  1. The burn must be cooled. I put the leg under cold running water in the bathtub. Sit there with the cold water running on the leg until a lot of the heat is out.
  2. Mix up equal parts of comfrey, wheat germ oil {can be bought online or a local health food store}, and raw honey. Raw honey has antibacterial properties and will help the burn not get infected. Equal parts simply means that you want to mix 1 tsp. together of each ingredient, or 1 tablespoon of each, or 1/4 cup – just depending on how much you need. Make sense? I believe 1-2 tablespoons of each ingredient was what I needed for her size burn. Any burn paste that is not used during the first application can be wrapped up in a bowl and used the next day.    {This burn paste is a Dr. Christopher recipe}             Comfrey is an amazing contact healer and pain reliever. It heals burns, broken bones, sprains, and more! If you buy comfrey in the leaf form rather than powdered you may want to grind it in a coffee grinder, with a mortar and pestle, or just crush it some with a fork or spoon to release some of the properties.  This is not essential to do though.                                                                                                                                                               Comfrey
  3. Once you have it all mixed up, apply the paste thickly onto the burn.  Since the burn is very tender and painful, I don’t “spread” it on, but rather “dab” it on thickly.                                                                                                           burn
  4. Wrap the burn with clean cotton or gauze, or anything handy, and secure.                                                                              burn5
  5. Check on the burn once or twice a day, adding more burn paste if needed, but do not remove what is already there. The skin will absorb the paste and promote faster healing. Continue to add burn paste everyday until the burn is healed.
  6. On a side note, allow the burn some time each day to air out after the first 2 or 3 days. Air helps to promote healing too!

{Click here to watch me make burn paste!}

Once I had the burn paste on the leg for a few minutes, most of the pain was completely gone. The pain lessened a lot from the cold water treatment, and was basically gone a few minutes after I had applied the burn paste. Comfrey is really a “comfort” herb, and proves to be a great source of pain relief and healing. Below is the after photo.


Another remedy for burns I like to keep on hand is lavender essential oil.  It’s convenient to carry lavender oil in my purse when out or traveling. I never know when we may be in a store or someone else’s home and have a minor burn issue. Applying lavender oil directly to the burn will offer healing and relief. If it’s more than a minor burn, I would apply the burn paste as soon as I got home.  


What is your favorite treatment for burns?


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    My daughter once burned her foot terribly when she was young. A lot of the skin fell off and there was white in it. I ran in the backyard and got a slab of fresh aloe, cut it in half, had her lay on my bed and wrapped that aloe around her foot. For several days, I kept changing the aloe multiple times during the day. On the fifth day, her skin was clear and pink! I always have a fresh aloe plant in my yard.

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      Aloe is definitely a plant I need to buy. I know using it fresh can make a big difference. Thanks for the testimony, Lori! Love it!

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    This is great to know, Jill, thank you so much for sharing!

    I got a serious (3rd degree, I think) burn on my forearm last fall while I was canning. It was about the size of a silver dollar and I treated it with lavender essential oil, aloe vera gel, manuka honey, and silver spray. It was very painful at first, but it healed just fine with no infection and no scarring (there’s only a slight pinkish spot where the burn was. It was fascinating to watch the new skin grow and fill out the burned place.

    I also have some B&W ointment that we got from the Amish that many people say is very effective for burns, along with burdock leaves (if I’m remembering correctly). A friend of mine healed some very serious burns on her teenage son’s legs using the B&W ointment and burdock leaves. They healed very well and he never required any medical care, even though the burns covered a large portion of both his legs.

    Thank you so much for your helpful articles–I’ve used several of your recommendations with success! 🙂

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      Awesome! I love hearing what works for others, Joy! Many times there are a variety of natural remedies to heal naturally. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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    Great post! My 14 month old burned his hand very badly last Dec. I wish I had these on hand then! His hand has healed, but there is thick, leathery skin and scarring left. Any recommendations for that?

  4. Jen says

    This is very informative! My son just burnt himself on a heater this morning. I cooked it down quickly, then applied some coconut oil, then found a salve online. 2tbs of raw honey and I put 4 drops of lavender essential (1/8 tsp for adults). Before I applied that, I mixed equal parts cider vinegar and purified water and layed a soft cloth that was soaked in it, on it until more pain subsided.

    Almost immediately, after applying the salve, he said the pain went away. The biggest complain is that it tickles…..lol

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