Natural Relief For Seasonal Allergies


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Allergies can arise from being continuously overexposed to the same allergens. Over-the-counter medications address the symptoms of allergies, while certain natural remedies can help to treat the cause. If you are not a fan of taking over-the-counter medications, below you will find alternatives to give you natural relief for seasonal allergies.

Local Raw Honey

Honeybees collect pollen from species of plants in a specific area.   Bits and pieces of this pollen end up in the honey they make.  When this honey is consumed in its raw state, it delivers manageable amounts of allergens to a person, helping to boost the immune system against possible allergic reactions to the pollen outside.  To use honey as a true allergy remedy, consume a few spoonfuls a day of raw, local honey months prior to allergy season.

Using raw honey is important because when honey is heated or processed, most of the benefits are killed.  In order for honey to benefit allergies, it must be in its orginal, God-created state.  Local honey is important when treating allergies because your body can build a tolerance to local allergies if you use honey made from local plant sources.

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