Homemade Citrus Bath Salts

A hot, relaxing bath is something we all need to treat ourselves to from time to time.  If you sprinkle some healthy ingredients into the water, it makes it even better!

Citrus Bath Salts

When making these citrus bath salts, combine whatever suits your fancy.  Both sea salt and Epsom salt are good options as the base.  I tend to use Epsom salt more because it is less expensive and yet still wonderful for you!  Epsom salts are detoxifying and one of my favorite things to soak in when dealing with fevers.  Fevers occur to help the body get rid of the toxins so it can heal.  Soaking in Epsom salts helps to speed the process.  

You can use just orange peel and orange essential oil, or lemon peel and lemon essential oil, or combine orange and lemon and even a splash of lime!

Orange peel and Orange essential oil are antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and reduces muscle spasms.  The orange aroma has a wonderful, bright smell and antidepressant properties.

Orange Peel Orange Essential Oil

Lemon peel and lemon essential oil are antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial.  The aroma improves memory, alertness, and productivity.

lemon peel



Homemade Citrus Bath Salts

1 cup of Epsom Salt
1/2 cup Orange Peel {or 1/4 cup of orange peel and 1/4 cup lemon peel}
4 drops of essential oil {like orange and/or lemon}

Combine all ingredients, making sure to distribute the essential oil(s) well.  Add a small handful of the bath salts for a relaxing bath, or add 1 cup to bath for fevers or for a more detoxifying effect.  Soak 20-30 minutes.

Which citrus combination would be your favorite for a relaxing bath?

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    • says

      When I’m using salts for fevers or detoxing, I like them to be floating throughout the entire bathtub instead of confined – it seems to do a better job. The peels can be scooped out with a fine strainer. Thanks for the question, Kristen!

  1. Laurie Sagerman says

    Hi, and Happy Monday~!! The Citrus peels in your pictures are dried. Do the peels need to be dries before they are mixed with the salt? Thanks Laurie

    • says

      Hi Laurie! I buy them dried so that the mix lasts a long time. If you want to use fresh, just mix it up and use the same day. Thanks for the question!

  2. Regina Tilton says

    I am making these for a baby shower as gifts… How long do they stay fresh to use? Any curtain time and they will go bad? any advise would be great.. thanks!

  3. Terah says

    Do you need to use essential oils to make this? Or is it OK just to use the peels? What do you recommend for someone who doesn’t have essential oils (and I’d rather not go out and buy them specifically for this)

    • says

      Terah, you don’t have to use the essential oils. They add aroma and additional benefits to the skin, but you can certainly do without them. 🙂

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