How To Hang Dry Comfrey

Dry Comfrey

Comfrey is an herb that I use often.  It’s included in the lung tea recipe I use for coughs and congestions, salves I use for cuts and burns, a paste for deep wounds, and healing my leg after surgery in 2013.  It has also been used by some for broken bones.

I love having comfrey growing in my yard!  Today was a beautiful, chilly fall day, and I decided I needed to harvest these useful leaves and dry them before they withered in the cold weather.  

An easy way to dry large leaves is by stringing them together.

First, gather the leaves.

Dry Comfrey2

Wash and dry the leaves.  My leaves were pretty dirty so I washed the leaves one at a time in a bowl of water that I brought outside with me.  Pat the leaves dry.  

Dry Comfrey3  

Thread a needle and pass it through the leaves, leaving about 1 inch between each leaf so there’s plenty of air circulation.  {The wind was blowing a whole lot in the picture above, which pushed my leaves closer together.  I fixed them when I hung them up to about an inch apart. 🙂 }

Dry Comfrey5

Hang the string of leaves in a warm dry place for several days until completely dried.  It’s very important to make sure there is good air circulation so the leaves don’t get moldy.

Don’t have comfrey to dry?  You can purchase dried comfrey at the Bulk Herb Store HERE!

Have you ever dried comfrey?  What method did you use?

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  1. pati says

    I have air dried them on a small clothes line and also in the dehydrator I like it the best and its faster and they keep the color better.

  2. Wendy says

    Thanks for the idea! Drying comfrey has been near the top of my to-do-list for a few weeks and I haven’t come much further than a few small bundles hanging here and there. Of course they can be strung up like that!! 🙂

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