3 Easy Ways You Can Learn More About Herbs

Herb Learning

I used to know nothing about herbs.  Nada.  Zero.  Zilch.

I even thought herb-users were weird.  I mean, why choose an herb when you can easily go to the doctor for medication?  After all, this is the 21st century!  We don’t have to resort to home remedies like they did in the old days because we now have advanced medicine!

This was seriously my mindset.

Boy have I come a looooong way in my thinking!  The advancement of medicine is amazing for emergencies, but those old-fashioned home remedies are now my first choice for ailments, diseases, and health needs.

Facing a health crisis years ago that forced me to turn to herbs has changed my perspective just a bit.  Or maybe a lot!

When I experienced healing from natural resources, I began to study herbs and natural health like crazy!  I became so fascinated with all the many plants that have effective healing properties.  And it really began to make sense that God knew we would be fallen sinners and live in a world of sickness and disease, and would create plants to help us heal ourselves.  As I’ve said, I am not against conventional medicine, but believe it is best reserved for emergencies and serious situations.

If you, like me, are passionate about learning more about herbs and how to make medicines for your family, let me tell you the resources that I have found so very helpful.  I have taken online classes, but I didn’t start out doing that and I know that may overwhelm some of you.  If you are interested in becoming an herbalist and taking classes, you can view a couple recommendations HERE, but today I’m discussing 3 easy ways you can get started without pouring in a ton of time into it.

3 Easy Ways You Can Learn More About Herbs

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1. Online videos                                                                                                                                                                      

I am such a visual learner that I had no confidence that I could make medicines for my family until I actually saw someone doing it themselves.  Seeing how easy it was made me realize how doable it was.  If you can cook a casserole or boil potatoes, you can make medicines for your family – and save a huge amount of money doing it!  My very favorite online videos that motivated me to experiment with herbs are Shoshanna’s Youtube videos.  You can view them HERE.  I also have enjoyed Learning Herbs videos.

2. Books

I learn so much from reading herbal books.  Each book has its own wealth of information so I enjoy collecting them.  Some of my favorites are Be Your Own Doctor, (and all books by Rachel Weaver), Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health and Medicinal Herbs by Rosemary Gladstar, Practical Herbalism, and Homegrown Herbs.

3. DVD’s

Making Herbs Simple Volumes 1 & Volume 2 by Shoshanna are DVDs that I watched in addition to her YouTube videos.  Once again, the visual aspect of the DVDs influenced me greatly in building my own medicine chest.

I have saved literally hundreds of dollars by making my own herbal medicines – and you can too!

What are your favorite resources for gaining more herbal knowledge?

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