What Your Brain Fog Is Trying To Tell You

What Your Brain Fog Is Trying To Tell You | Jill's Home Remedies | Having difficulty concentrating? Feel like your thinking isn't clear? Here are some tips to help!
Do you ever experience brain fog? You know, the I forgot my shopping listI misplaced my car keysI can’t remember that person’s nameand how many kids do I have anyway? kind of brain fog. We all have moments of forgetfulness, but these moments shouldn’t happen too often.

I’m finding myself forgetting things a lot lately. I can’t remember to pick up my raw milk on Fridays, I forgot I had to make muffins for the nursing home ministry, I forgot it was my week to do the cleaning ministry, and I forgot to send the promised text last night that I was sure I would remember. And this is all just this week. And that’s just the major things. We won’t mention the minor. Talk about brain fog! I should be the poster child for it!

Besides being thankful that I have a smartphone to set reminders on (and I obviously need to make reminders more a part of my life), I’m also thankful for herbs and nutrition that can help to assist me

If your memory feels lacking in the sharpness department, and your thinking seems muddled and foggy far too often, you are not alone! Many people suffer from brain fog symptoms often. Me being one of them.

None of us have time for brain fog – especially homeschooling moms! We definitely need fully functional brains! Educating our children is such a big responsibility, and things get more complicated if we can’t think clearly.

Today I’m going to share what the culprits are for brain fog and how you can have a clearer, sharper mind than you ever thought possible!

Read about it at Hip Homeschool Moms!

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