Natural Home Remedies for Joint Pain

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain | Jills Home Remedies | Do you suffer from joint pain? Here are some natural remedies to help you find relief! Today we have a guest article by Helen of Health Ambition

Achy joints and muscles are an unfortunate part of life that we will all inevitably find ourselves dealing with at some point. As I get older, I notice that my arms and legs sometimes hurt just a little more than they did the night before whenever I flex or move them. As the years passed by, I came to realize that I was experiencing this discomfort more frequently.

Changes throughout my life had taken their tolls on my body. I no longer possess the athleticism that I did during my high school sports days, I have given birth to two children and my body has aged.

As an herbalist, I aspire to find natural remedies to aid in just about any aspect of a person’s overall health. There is usually a solution for just about any type of health condition, and joint pain is no exception. As I researched the problem more, I came to find that a couple of the most useful solutions were not concoctions, but simple lifestyle changes.

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain

Consume More Manganese and Magnesium

These two nutrients are prevalent in many of the foods that are most of us accept as being “good for you.” A manganese deficiency can result in frequent joint pain as well as other symptoms that often accompany it, namely sluggishness and fatigue. A magnesium deficiency can also result in similar signs.  

Finding food sources that are rich in these minerals does wonders for your joints, especially if you do not currently have a diagnosis of a pre-existing condition, such as arthritis. I committed to a healthier temporary diet when I noticed my joint pain acting up. Within just a few days, I almost forgot that I had been experiencing discomfort in the first place! Keep in mind, I did not get these nutrients from supplements or multivitamins. Nutrients are far more useful when they come in the form of food as opposed to supplements. Not only are they easier for your body to absorb, but it makes consuming them more enjoyable, too. 

*Note: I supplement with magnesium lotion similar to this one. Unlike pills, this form of magnesium goes right into the bloodstream. Besides eating good food sources, you may find this very beneficial if you are deficient in this mineral. It only takes a drop! -Jill

Exercise More

Exercising may seem like a difficult tip to follow if you are suffering from discomfort. However, it is important to make sure that you are keeping your body active to avoid increasing your levels of pain. You don’t have to do anything too strenuous (in fact, I would advise against it), but it is advisable to at least take a 20-minute walk once a day or so.

Daily exercise regimens will give you a chance to loosen up your joints and keep them from getting too stiff. Depending on where you are experiencing pain, you might want to try some of these exercises. These will help you alleviate discomfort while keeping off unwanted weight. Putting on excessive amounts of fat can cause more strain on your body, making mobility even more difficult for your joints.

Herbal Tea

With or without pain, I am a sucker for just about any type of herbal tea. There are various herbs and spices known to treat symptoms of arthritis and other conditions that cause bodily aches. The beautiful part about this particular method is that you can get creative with it. Brew your tea according to your tastes.

You can try any one of these herbal tea recipes for joint pain or create one of your own using a combination of these ingredients. Even though cayenne, turmeric, and honey don’t sound like they would taste that great in a cup of hot water, you may be surprised.

You can also consume 1-3 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar in a glass of water every day as it does wonders for joint pain. You can find this amazingly wonderful vinegar here. Your body will thank you for it later.

Natural Remedies for Joint Pain | Jills Home Remedies | Do you suffer from joint pain? Here are some natural remedies to help you find relief!

Turmeric Tea for Joint Pain


1 tsp. Turmeric (buy organic turmeric here)
1/2 tsp. Cayenne (buy organic cayenne here)
Raw Honey (buy raw honey here)
1-2 cups water  


  1. Bring water to a boil.
  2. Stir in turmeric and cayenne.
  3. Add honey and lemon to taste.
  4. Drink twice a day for joint pain.
Turmeric Tea for Joint Pain
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  1. 1-2 cups water
  2. 1 tsp. Turmeric
  3. 1/2 tsp. Cayenne
  4. Raw Honey
  5. Lemon
  1. Bring water to a boil.
  2. Stir in turmeric and cayenne.
  3. Add honey and lemon to taste.
  4. Drink twice a day for joint pain.
  1. If the cayenne is too strong for you, use more water or less cayenne.
Adapted from Natural News
Adapted from Natural News
Natural Remedies Mom

Epsom Salt Baths

Remember how we discussed the usefulness of magnesium for aching joints? Well, Epsom salt is chock-full of it. Its magnesium-rich properties are why it’s one of the more popular methods of ridding yourself of joint aches. Epsom salts have multiple health benefits, but perhaps the most well-known one is its use for treating pain.

People suffering from arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even stress have benefited from bathing in a mixture of hot water and Epsom salts. Your body absorbs the magnesium through the skin, directly relieving pain from the affected areas.

To use epsom salts, add a cup of the salt to a bath of water and soak for 20 minutes. Buy epsom salts here.

Find Out what Works Best for You

Everyone’s condition varies on a case-by-case basis, even when it comes to joint pain. It may occur due to natural aging, a lack of physical activity, or joint-related diseases.

Your solution may be as simple as making some changes in your exercise and dietary routines. Even if, however, your condition is one which requires regular attention, it is still never too late to commit to any of these natural remedies.

Do you deal with joint pain? Do you have any natural remedies that work for you? 

h4 Helen is a wife, mother, and the editor at Health Ambition.


  1. James Hall says

    Sprinkling a teaspoon of turmeric on a meal each day has had a positive effect on my joint pain. It doesn’t eliminate the pain entirely, but I notice the pain more when I haven’t taken it for a few days. I started by using supplements but apparently turmeric isn’t absorbed well in tablet form.

    It’s quite an overpowering taste though so thanks for the tea recipe – think I’ll try using that instead.

    • Jade Gardner says

      That is great to hear you have found relief James! please consider sharing your experience at! Nutmeg is a new community and resource for sharing whatever works in the world of feeling, getting and being better– like a wiki of healing. All possibilities listed on the site are crowd sourced and the community reacts and further verifies. By sharing what works, others can discover what might work for them. Help us help others. So many have no idea that there are options outside of pharma! Thanks!

  2. says

    Always exciting to see magnesium cited as a remedy of sorts. So many are unaware of the magnesium deficiency that plagues the modern person. I appreciate your mention of a topical form of the mineral since, due to modern agricultural practices, magnesium-rich foods may not have enough magnesium to correct a deficiency.

  3. Dinesh Kumar says

    For me, exercise works best because by doing exercises our joints stay active. And, I also take herbal tea, but I never tried Turmeric Tea, but, I’ll surely try it.
    Adding turmeric to the food while cooking also helps. Even, when I get joint pain, I drink milk having a little turmeric.

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