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Are you familiar with Thirty-One? 

Thirty-One is a company started 8 years ago by Cindy, a woman who desired to stay home with her children. She began to sew purses in her basement and is amazed at where her efforts has brought her to today. The name “Thirty One” was chosen because of the Proverbs 31 virtuous woman. I personally love these products and have several things made by them. They are durable and so very pretty!  The products are even prettier in person – you can just see the excellent quality when you look them over.  The parties I go to are such a hit, with oohhs and aahhs from the ladies! 🙂
Are you, like Cindy, looking for a way to make extra income for your family?  You may want to consider Thirty-One, the company started with a biblical basis and a desire to help wives and moms make money and still be able to stay home.
Here’s a testimony  pulled off their website:

“Thirty-One has affected my life in many ways – one of my favorites is seeing my husband get excited about what I’m doing and really wanting to be involved.  It has brought our marriage closer.  Also, it has allowed me to stay home with my 3 children and home school them…all part of God’s will. I love it when I’m out shopping with my 10 year old daughter and she spots another lady with a monogrammed bag that’s not from Thirty-One and she runs up and gives the lady my business card and “promotes” my business! I guess it’s a family affair…a fun thing for us to do together! I have accomplished so much since joining Thirty-One. I was promoted to Director, then Senior Director. We are also working our way to financial freedom…debt free is what we want to be! I was attracted to the company because it was faith-based. Thirty-One has helped me grow spiritually to be more like a Proverbs 31 woman as much as possible every day. The ladies on my team are great women with wonderful attitudes and outlooks on life. All in all, I want to be a servant to God and others through this incredible opportunity Thirty-One has given me.”

Traci is personally offering great additional incentives for her new consultants!  It’s a win-win situation! Contact Traci Today for more information!
Look at the many things you get for enrolling – love these patterns!

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