Start a Cleaning Schedule In 2012

If you don’t already have a cleaning schedule, you may find that it’s just what you need for a cleaner house!  It’s easy to get distracted and not really take the time to clean.  I typed up a quick schedule that I do my best to follow.  It makes such a difference to wake up each day knowing what needs to be done, and I’m a visual person, so it helps me to have something to look at.

Daily Cleaning List:
  1. Make beds
  2. Wipe sink and clean toilet
  3. Do dishes after every meal and sweep after dishes are done
  4. Keep all rooms picked up. Pick up before each meal and make sure everything is in order. Make sure children pick up toys when they are finished before they go on to something else
  5. Run a duster over main surfaces
  6. Do laundry about 5 days a week – keeping hampers almost empty
  7. Vacuum main traffic areas
  8. File papers
Weekly Cleaning List:
  1. Clean bathroom. Do bathtub and shower walls. Clean mirrors and sinks. Clean toilet, wiping all around the outside and floors around toilet by hand.
  2. Vacuum each room
  3. Dust, including frames and figurines – dusting under everything
  4. Sweep and mop floors
  5. Clean out fridge, getting rid of leftovers and wiping up spills
  6. Wipe off outside of all appliances
  7. Change sheets on beds
  8. Sweep down cobwebs
Monthly Cleaning List:
  1. Clean blades of ceiling fans
  2. Clean fridge good – removing all food and cleaning drawers and inside walls. Clean out the freezer too.
  3. Vacuum under beds
  4. Clean out dressers
Yearly “Spring Cleaning”:
  1. Wash curtains. Clean blinds
  2. Clean inside and outside of windows
  3. Wipe all window and door frames
  4. Wipe off baseboards in all rooms
  5. Clean all light fixtures
  6. Vacuum or sweep and mop under all furniture (stove, fridge, dressers, beds, etc.)
  7. Wipe off chair and table legs
  8. Clean out all cabinets in kitchen and bathroom
  9. Clean out closets and vacuum
  10. Remove all books from shelves to dust and sort
  11. Shampoo carpets
    * I have found that I have the most energy and efficiency in the mornings.  Prioritizing is key!*

    Have you ever read Sarah Mae’s 31 Days to Clean?  She has some great ideas for having a “Martha house the Mary way”.  You can purchase it for only $4.99!

I also enjoy using this chart for my girls chores.  In the past I’ve posted schedules on the fridge, etc., but for some reason nothing has worked as well for me as using this chart system.  

The night before, I place chores they need to do the next morning (they like me to change things up a bit).  When they’ve finished their chores, they place the slips of paper in the pouch at the bottom, so we reuse them over and over.  I also typed up weekly chores that they draw from once a week, and those are placed in their slots until they are finished that day.  The girls enjoy doing different daily and weekly chores, and it also allows me to train them each in the different areas of household management.
You can buy your own chart or make your own with cardboard and paper!
I actually purchased this chart in the past as a tool for math, and now I have recycled it for a chore chart.:)

Now as for organizing, that’s a whole other story!  I may have a cleaning schedule and do my scrubbing dutifully, but clutter overwhelms and stresses me, and I’m still working on conquering that!  But conquer it, I will! 🙂 

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