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Isn’t is so easy to eat unhealthy?  Easy, convenient foods are everywhere, loaded with taste-enhancing chemicals that appease our taste buds. These convenient enhanced foods, however, can also lead to a road of disease and sickness.  I recently tried a week of consuming a lot more raw foods than I normally do, and I have felt better and had some dry skin problems improve!  One of my New Years Resolutions is to eat more raw foods daily.  While I will still eat meats, I believe that more raw foods in my daily diet will greatly improve my overall health!

One way to increase raw foods is through:
I personally know of a man with cancer whose doctor told him that only eating 5 servings of organic fresh fruits and vegetables would do as much to fight his cancer as radiation would.  Hmmmm.  Let’s see – go through radiation and its many after-effects, or consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  I know what my preference would be!  There are so many different ways to combine fruits and vegetables into delicious meals or main side dishes.  Try some of these yummy salad recipes:
Choosing Raw has some great salad recipes also!
Another great way to increase raw healthy foods is through:
Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables allows our bodies to quickly absorb larger amounts of nutrients.  It only makes sense that our body will more easily digest juices better than solid foods.  Juicing helps to absorb more phytochemicals, antioxidants and immune boosting properties, which helps fight aging and disease.  Juicing is also an easy way to get beneficial enzymes into our bodies that converts into energy and higher metabolism, which results in feeling better every day and aides in losing weight.  If you don’t have a juicer, you’ll find in your search that the prices range from reasonable to pretty expensive.

I personally just have a less expensive juicer and find that it works fine for my needs.  
I am making one of my New Years Resolutions to be eating more raw foods, and I know that my body will thank me!  How could eating more raw foods and/or juicing benefit your health?  Fight your disease?  Shed pounds?  Give you energy?  Help you sleep better at night?  Better eating habits will give us a better quality of life, but we have to make a determined choice to make the change and reduce the intake of fast, convenient, processed foods.
Do you have raw food recipes that you love?  I would love to hear about them!

*Disclaimer ~ These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

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    I have struggled with my health since I delivered my twins 6 months ago. Just over a week ago I was rushed to the hospital for an issue they still haven’t been able to diagnose. The timing of finding your blog could not be more perfect!

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    I am starting a raw food fast today for ten days. I really want to try to eat raw foods during the day and eat supper with my husband in the evening after my fast is finished. I definitely need some easy, quick recipes so I don’t get bored. I clicked on the link for the avocado salad and just got the carrot salad again.

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    This is so good Jill! My mom cured herself of colitis on raw food. There have been studies done on smokers and those who eat a lot of raw food have clear lungs! i am going to be writing a post about raw food soon and link back to this post. I think my readers would like it.


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