Natural Alternative For Pain Relievers

One alternative to taking pain relievers for aches, pains and injuries is by using a castor oil pack!

Things you need for a castor oil pack:
  1. Castor Oil
  2. Plastic Sheet or Bag
  3. Piece of Cloth or Flannel folded several times
  4. Heating Pad 
  5. Towel
  • Pour castor oil in a bowl and soak the cloth in the oil.
  • Wring the cloth so that it is wet but not dripping
  • Apply the cloth to the area of body that is in pain
  • Cover this cloth with the plastic sheet or bag
  • Place a heating pad on top of the plastic.  Start out low and gradually increase to medium
  • Wrap a towel around area to keep heat in.  Make sure it doesn’t get too hot.

Keep on area of pain for 45 minutes to 2 hours at a time.  This pack can be used 30 times.  Store inside the refrigerator in plastic, but warm this pack before you use.
The castor oil pack can be used for any pain or injury including: headaches, abdominal pain, inflammatory conditions, muscle pains, skin eruptions and lesions, back pain, fractures, etc 
These packs have been used in place of strong painkillers.
Try this natural, safe alternative the next time you’re in pain.  Experience relief without harmful side effects!


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    Just to clarify, after you soak the rag once in castor oil you don’t need to resoak for future uses? Only heat it? (Before applying to the area in pain or just by using the heating pad?). Can you reuse the rag after 30 uses with a fresh application of castor oil? (Sorry for so many questions!)

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      You don’t need to re-soak, but can use it up to 30 times and just re-heat. Heat it before applying it to the area. I would wash the cloth before applying fresh castor oil. Thanks for the questions – I don’t mind at all, but love to hear from you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thank you for sharing this. My husband was diagnosed last yeat with Spina Bifida but on top of that has 3 bulging discs and bone spurs. He is always having problems. So last night we did this and today he said it wasn’t bothering him at all. That says alot because with out mattress there have been days where he would do good to get out of bed! Thank you again for this!

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    I just wanted to let you know that your blog is soooo helpful! When I have a health-related question, I almost always come here first! I had a sinus infection this past week and your article was a HUGE help. I am doing so much better and no antibiotics! I’ve been slowly going through your videos (I have internet bandwith issues and can’t watch much at a time) and have been so blessed by the knowledge and information you share! Thanks so much, Jill!

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      It does “seep” into the skin, just like any ointment, salve or lotion that is used for pain or dry skin. The heat helps the properties of the castor oil to penetrate and be more effective.

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