Anniversary Celebration Giveaway ~ Day 2!

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Welcome to my second day of giveaways celebrating my one-year blogging anniversary!
*I have some more amazing giveaways for you today!*
One winner will receive 2 gifts:
1st prize:
*A Basic Skirt from Love My Jean Skirt ~ You Pick The Size!!
You may have seen the skirt I posted on facebook a few months ago.  This is a skirt I mailed to Love My Jean Skirt, and they added the ruffles and rose.  I love it! 

What is Love My Jean Skirt?
Love My Jean Skirt takes jeans and transforms them into fashionable, super cute skirts!
Here’s the company overview:
“We offer Modest Jean Skirts & Custom Made to fit Modest Jean Skirts from carefully selected new & recycled womens, misses, juniors, girls & infant blue jeans. Because we know how hard it is not only to find modest jean skirts but to find modest jean skirts that look great and fit right, and since new and used blue jeans are a much more readily available resource than jean skirts, it just make sense to use them to to create modest, modern trendy modest jean skirts that we know you will love. If you desire a jean skirt that is totally you, then you have come to the right place. If you can dream it, Love My Jean Skirt can make it happen for you. If you desire creative, high quality, one of a kind, fashionably modest jean skirts, you have come to the right place. You can also send your favorite jeans to create a one of a kind modest jean skirt that is totally you.”
And believe me, they live up to their promises!  I cannot tell you how much I love my new skirt and how many compliments I get!!
Check out some of their styles and creations~
  She also makes maternity skirts from recycled maternity jeans! 

Are you not just in love??  These ladies have so
much serious talent going on!!!  Be sure to visit them today.  They are very helpful with custom orders and have skirts in stock for sale also!

2nd prize:
*Bottle of Goat Milk Lotion & Mineral Foundation Powder from Eden Natural Skincare!! 
Eden Natural Skincare was started by the Shock family, who farms 25 acres in Indiana.  Their mission is to provide quality, handmade skincare products without harmful ingredients.  Most skincare products are very harmful to the skin, and it really does matter what we put on it!
  You will love their products!  Read these testimonies taken from their website:

“April:  I want to start off by saying I LOVE your soaps and can not express enough how well the lavender tea tree has helped my daughter with her acne, and now I have another product I love !!  I do not wear make up, I have rosacea and every foundation I have used has caused problems with my skin, even store bought mineral make up. I have the rosacea under control, with help of your oatmeal soap and a goat milk moisturizer, but foundations still caused burning and redness, but not yours.  I wore the matte all day today and loved it, the color was great, I was using the fair, it was easy to blend, even when I had too much on my brush. I used a concealer brush to apply under my eyes and found that it does cover dark circles well. I found that my skin looked smooth and natural, and no sign of redness at all, and I could barely tell I had it on. I asked my daughter if she could tell I had foundation on and she couldn’t, and my son said ” wow, your skin is looking really good,” and he didn’t know I was trying it. The best part was when I applied it there was no tingling or burning, and even after washing my face it was not irritated.”
“Rhonda:  I’ve been plagued with rosacea and skin sensitivities for years.  There never seemed to be a skin care program that I could use, even those recommended by dermatologists.  A few years ago, I found a product that worked fairly well, but cost $60 for the program. Then I was introduced to Susie’s homemade goat milk soap and lotion.  I ditched my costly Three step program for a simple, pure bar of soap containing milk from Susie’s own goats!  Not only did I love what it did for my skin, but I also was able to actually watch how she makes  It and what goes into it–no nasty chemicals here.

 I have used the unscented soap bar and lotion on my skin for a couple months now and have gotten
More than one comment on how great my skin looks!  I am now using Susie’s mineral make-up and
Happy with no itching or redness. 
 Thanks, Eden Goatmilk Soaps for producing a great product at a great price!”
Today’s winner will receive 1 basic skirt from Love My Jean Skirt
1 – 4 oz. bottle of goat’s milk lotion and a container of mineral powder from Eden Natural Skincare!

 This giveaway ends Saturday, April 21st at midnight and is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only.

Join me tomorrow for my third and final day of giveaways!  Tomorrow’s giveaways include a gift certificate from Joyfully Sewn Designs, A Homesteading Ebook, and more Handmade Soap!
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